2012 Revenue of Seznam.cz Exceeds CZK 2.8 bn

20. June 2013

Seznam.cz grew by 6% year on year in 2012. The company’s revenues from advertising amounted to CZK 2.834 bn. Seznam.cz’s 2012 operating profit reached nearly one billion. Seznam.cz carries on in product and technological innovations. Its plans include enhanced possibilities of targeted advertising and the development of its own data centre.

The revenues of Seznam.cz continue to grow. In 2012, they grew by 6%, exceeding CZK 2.8 billion. In 2012, income from search advertising, i.e., from the Sklik advertising system, grew the most again. It already accounts for 30% of Seznam.cz’s total revenues. Income from banner display advertising (in services such as Novinky.cz, Super.cz, etc.) and in specialised advertising servers (Sreality.cz, Sauto.cz, Zboží.cz, etc.) account for one quarter of the company’s revenue each. The share of income from the Firmy.cz (yellow-pages style catalogue server) is 20%, with the aggregate volume of revenue from registrations in the company catalogue remaining unchanged from last year. The 2012 operating profit of Seznam.cz reached 947 million crowns.

“Last summer, we announced a plan to grow our revenues and an operating profit of just under one billion. This was to be accompanied by major investments into product and technological innovations. This trend will carry on. In 2013, we expect a five percent year-on-year increase in revenues. We will again invest that increase into the development of our company. New products and services are the main areas into which we will invest. Aside from them, we also work on optimising our long-term costs, such as on building our own data centre. Thanks to that, we are expecting an operating profit in 2013 in excess of CZK 900 million“ said Managing Director of Seznam.cz Michal Feix in commenting on the results.

Seznam.cz also focuses on new advertising possibilities for its clients. In 2012, income from mobile and video advertising amounted to more than 40 million Czech Crowns. In June 2013, Seznam.cz is planning an across-the-board offer of behavioural advertising targeting. With it, advertising clients can choose their target audience to view their advertising far better, depending on the specific area that is of real interest to them at the given time, based on how much time they devote to it on the Internet. Naturally, Seznam.cz also continues to work on its products and services. Innovations in the Mapy.cz service have already been announced, and they will definitely not be the only innovations this year.

Seznam.cz has also decided to merge with Mapy.cz, s.r.o. As at 1 October 2013, the supplier of maps will become an integral part of Seznam.cz. “The transaction will significantly simplify administrative processes within our company. Mutual invoicing between the two companies in a situation when we are Mapy.cz, s.r.o.’s largest client no longer made sense,” adds Michal Feix, Managing Director of Seznam.cz.