Tiger Holding Four and Miura International Sell Interests in Seznam.cz

7. January 2016

At an extraordinary general meeting of Seznam.cz on 6 Janaury 2016, an agreement was signed under which Tiger Holding Four and Miura International will sell Seznam.cz their interest in the company. This, after both investors offered to sell their interests. The transaction came into force on 6 January 2016. This means that after fifteen years, Seznam.cz will no longer have minority foreign shareholders.

I am pleased that majority owner Ivo Lukačovič (who owns an interest through his company Helifreak) came to an agreement with the investors and our general meeting approved the transaction. Seznam.cz is buying a thirty percent minority interest from these foreign investors. This step is another milestone in Seznam’s history. Whereas in 2000 the sale of a minority interest brought money to speed up technological development, fifteen years later the re-purchase shows the strength, stability and independence of Seznam.cz,” said Seznam.cz Chief Executive Officer, Pavel Zima on the transaction.

Tiger Holding Four and Miura International owned a 30% interest in Seznam.cz from 2007. They purchased it from the Lycos Europe investment group, which had merged with an original investor in Seznam.cz in 2000—Swedish Spray Ventures. As of 6 January 2016, Seznam.cz became the owner of this minority interest. Seznam.cz therefore has one majority shareholder, Helifreak, owned by Ivo Lukačovič, the company’s founder. The remaining 30% is owned directly by Seznam.cz.

Both parties agreed that they would not comment on the terms of the business agreement and purchase of the interest in more detail.