Revenues achieved by for 2015 grew year-on-year again and exceeded 3.4 billion Czech Crowns (126 mil. EUR)

18. May 2016


Turnover achieved by grew year-on-year by more than 9% to a total of CZK 3.413 billion. The highest revenues so far in the history of the company are also complemented by the highest profit before tax, amounting to 1.25 billion Czech Crowns (equivalent of 46.5 mil. EUR) for 2015.

Growth in sales achieved by accelerated even more, by 9.1% year-on-year. This means that in 2015, the total turnover achieved by exceeded 3.4 billion Czech Crowns. Revenues from search engine marketing (the Sklik advertising system) contributed the most to growth. Year-on-year, they increased in absolute value by more than 20%, particularly thanks to an expansion of options in the network of partners, and further engagement of banner adverts together with the enhancement of RTB options in the Sklik PPC advertising system. Turnover achieved by Sklik represents more than 40% of all advertising revenues earned by A third of the total revenues is then made up of revenue from display advertising, which also includes video and mobile advertising formats (for services such as, and etc.). The remaining approximately 20% of revenues comprises advertising on specialised industry servers (,, and Zboží.cz etc.) and revenue from the catalogue server. Profit before tax achieved by for 2015 once again exceeded one billion, reaching a level of 1.25 billion Czech Crowns.

Our great advantage is that we can reinvest the money we earn into development and innovation within the company. We’re concentrating not only on expanding the range of advertising formats, but on bringing technology up to date. We are continually expanding the ranks of our programmers and researchers in order to innovate our services, not just in terms of the products every regular user will notice, but also from a technological point of view. More and more of our services are based on technologies such as nodejs, reactjs, angularjs, ima.js, and others similar. We’re looking for the most reasonable ways of getting to people the most interesting content available on the internet at any given moment in time. In doing so, we’re also fulfilling the original concept that was born with 20 years ago,” said Pavel Zima, CEO of, providing additional comment on the high profits achieved.