The Owner and Founder of Steps Down from the Firm’s Board of Directors

Aneta Kapuciánová 19. February 2019

Ivo Lukačovič, owner and founder of the number one Czech Internet company, is stepping down as Chairman of the Board of Directors of and will no longer be a Board Member.  Three existing Vice-Chairmen will alternate as Chairman of the Board of Directors.  The change in the head of the statutory body will take place every four months.

“This is a formal confirmation of the changes made in the autumn of 2017, when the position of CEO was abolished, and the company’s executive management was taken over by three Vice-Chairmen of the Board of Directors as a Collective CEO. Ivo’s departure from the board of directors reflects the fact that he has not been focused on the management of Seznam already for several years, but rather has been concentrating on his global technology projects, especially, and he wants to continue to do so,” explains Pavel Zima, Director responsible for the Executive and Communication of

Pavel Zima became the first Chairman of the Board of Directors in the new arrangement. Replacing him in June of this year will be Tomáš Kapalín. The change will have no impact on the company’s ownership structure, as Ivo Lukačovič remains the sole owner.

Aneta Kapuciánová

PR Manager & Spokesperson