Haptic maps from Seznam.cz are now available worldwide

Aneta Kapuciánová 18. September 2019

Thanks to its Mapy.cz service, the company Seznam.cz helps simplify travel for blind and visually impaired persons with tactile maps, which are now available worldwide. It is currently the only public service of this kind in the world.

I’m very happy that we’ve succeeded in completing this ambitious project and expanding the availability of tactile maps worldwide. In countries where the Latin alphabet is not used, the implementation process was very demanding,” states Jan Kunz, Product Manager in Mapy.cz.

The map is usable by visually impaired people thanks to special printing technology, and the generation of map sheets and other associated information in Braille. Seznam.cz has long been collaborating on the development of the tactile maps with the Teiresiás centre at Masaryk University, as well as ELSA (centre for the support of students with special needs) at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

You can find more information about tactile maps, and instructions on how to obtain them, here.

Aneta Kapuciánová

PR Manager & Spokesperson