Seznam’s Sales Department will be divided. Tomáš Búřil (42) and Jan Čekal (45) will join the management. Igor Kalaš (43) will become Business Development Director

Aneta Kapuciánová 4. March 2020

Several changes will occur in the managerial positions of the Czech internet No. 1 from the beginning of March. The Sales Department will be divided into two divisions after departure of Martin Švarc and will be managed by Tomáš Búřil and Jan Čekal. Igor Kalaš will become the Business Development Director and his current agenda will be divided between Ivan Mikula, Televize Seznam Director, and Jakub Unger, News and Radio Division Director.

“Sales Department belongs to the biggest units in Seznam and although Martin Švarc was doing tremendous amount of work when leading this department it is not possible for one person to develop all themes which belong to the Sales at present time. Therefore, we will divide the department into two equal divisions from March,” explains Tomáš Kapalín, CEO of Tomáš Búřil who was already working at Seznam in the past will assume the position of the Sales Director. He will be in charge of the biggest clients, agencies, foreign trade, television and radios. Jan Čekal (so far the SME Sales Manager) will assume the position of the Regional Advertising Director.

Igor Kalaš will be in charge of new business opportunities

Igor Kalaš, current Content Director, will move to the position Business Development Director, and in his new position he will be in charge of, among other things, further development of the videoportal Kalaš’s agenda will also include further development topics, for example, distribution, development of mobile applications or new opportunities for Vyhledávání (Searching).

The management of editorial offices so far headed by Kalaš will be divided between Ivan Mikula and Jakub Unger. In addition to managing Televize Seznam, Mikula will assume management of Stream and Unger will add lifestyle online magazines Prož and Garáž.cz into his portfolio.

Aneta Kapuciánová

PR Manager & Spokesperson