Mobile survey 2019

Veronika Geltner 18. June 2019

We can all see that the growing trend of mobile advertising continues strong in 2019. We took a closer look at the mobile domain and mobile advertising. Below we present the most interesting highlights from a survey we conducted with Seznam users older than 15 years in the month of April 2019.

Since 2016, attitudes towards mobile advertising have improved slightly. 27% of respondents say that they sometimes find mobile advertising useful. Young people have a more positive attitude towards advertising, namely on mobile phones in general, on the PC and also towards video advertising. On the other hand, young people are more likely to use some kind of ad-block on their PC. Only 6% of mobile users block advertising on their mobile phones.

And what about shopping? Do you buy online via your small screen? More than two thirds of the online population already shop using their mobile phones. 48% of users as a matter of routine and 29% only on occasion.

Users sometimes run into obstacles when shopping online using their mobile device, which prevents purchase or makes it uncertain. 53% of respondents say that the store often has a website that is difficult to read or use on a mobile phone. 32% of users are afraid that they will make and fail to correct a mistake in the contact form or when selecting goods on their mobile phone. 30% of users do not have time to complete the purchase and 71% of users prefer to buy when they are on a PC – because they find it more comfortable to enter their contact details. As you can see – it pays not only to have effective banner advertising to show your audiences but to have your website ready for their visits. Make it mobile friendly – from the navigation to your contact form. Team