Branding – the right format if you want to be seen

Veronika Geltner 31. October 2019

Last summer, we introduced a must-have Branding format to your portfolio. Let’s recall its benefits and how to set it up to deliver the best performance

Branding is essentially a large banner that envelops website content. Thanks to its dimensions of 2000 × 1400 px, it is the largest and thus the most unmissable of all the ad formats that Sklik offers. You can combine it with all content targeting, including Interests, Buying Interests, Placements, Keywords, and Retargeting.


We are constantly expanding the number of websites where branding can be displayed. In addition to the exclusive Seznam websites such as, ProŽ,, Počasí.cz, etc., you can see branding in our partner network, which includes more than 50 other websites that support this format.

Want to know which websites support branding? Here is a list we have made for you!

Which targets is branding suitable for

  • You want to increase brand awareness
  • Do you want to support the sale of products / services (particularly after market launch)
  • You are running a large campaign that you want all people to know about

Optimisation tips

  1. Sklik branding rates may change over time, mainly depending on the season. We recommend setting your CPT to CZK 180 or more so that your campaigns do not stop running. To estimate the default CPT, you can use the price list of Internet advertising on, where the price of Sklik branding is 50% of the price list price for the server related to seasonality and behavioural targeting.
  2. Refine your targeting using the interests of your target group, or specific categories of the page where your target group congregates – such as
  3. Limit the number of times your ad is shown to a single user. We reached the highest CTR with a frequency setting of up to 3 impressions per user per day.
  4. Set a sufficient daily budget for your campaign to reach as many potential customers as possible. For campaigns with branding, we recommend having a budget of at least CZK 500 / day.
  5. Try branding as a performance channel with retargeting.
  6. If your ad isn’t showing all day due to a low budget and you cannot go higher, limit your ad scheduling in the time you know your customers are responding the least to your ad, such as midnight to 6 a.m.

Want to try Sklik branding, but don’t have your own graphic design capacity? We have a solution for you: just contact our sales representative and enquire about commissions from our team of graphic designers.

Petr Novák on behalf of our Sklik Team