Case study/Infographics – Vertical video

15. October 2019

You already know that we offer vertical video for the mobile. Last year, we have adapted it to make it a full-fledged video format. It is currently available on all content services (Novinky, Seznam Zprávy, Proženy, Garáž, Super, Sport).

Vertical video has many benefits, such as visible placement at the beginning of an article or the ability to measure the audience of a video. The format is gaining traction. That’s why we’re coming up with new infographics to demonstrate what makes vertical video so good, how to do it right, and how it works in practice.

Together with the client Mattoni 1873 and Red Media agency, we looked at the campaign of the 7UP brand and compared the overall experience. This campaign ran on the website and was aimed at the target group aged 25-39. With that in mind, the agency opted for the mobile format.

Details of the campaign are shown in the attached infographics.