Better performance data through impression measurement

6. August 2020

We have been working on the transparency and openness of our advertising systems for a long time, and Sklik is no exception. This time, we’ve improved the ability to measure ads on the content network using external tracking systems. How does it work and how can it help you?

Do you use any of the adserving or measuring systems (Adform, Adssets, DV360, Gemius), do you measure the total impact or post-view conversion? We now offer this option in the Sklik content network.

What is this good for and why should I use it

  1. With additional impression measurement using an external tracking pixel, you can see the total impact over several channels, or maybe just from your own Sklik campaign / report / ad.
  2. External systems offer measurement of conversions in the form of post-impression, so it is possible to make use of the locally indispensable Sklik content network of Sklik and see how many conversions it brings or set goals “post-impression” targets.
  3. By way of consolidating the additionally tracked impressions into an external measuring system, you can use multi-channel attribution and see a more complete customer journey.

You will find new fields for inserting external tracking codes, along with the tracking template field below each ad format, in the “optional items” link.

Import / export support to facilitate working with a wide range of advertising formats is included and fully supported.

You can read more about our tracking templates in our Help.

Jakub Novotný for the whole Sklik team