Sklik’s top advertisers allocate over 1/3 of ad spend on acquisition product campaigns

19. November 2020

The Christmas season is slowly upon us, so it is high time to reach potential customers with your offer. You can work with existing visitors through retargeting, but you can do better, right? How do you hook a new customer? It’s easy: try a dynamic banner.

About dynamic banner

Dynamic banner is an advertising format that resembles the good old dynamic retargeting. However, there is a fundamental difference in the way it works – dynamic ads are meant for the acquisition of new customers not, as in the case of retargeting, for feedback.

With a dynamic banner, you display your current offer with the current price to the target group. At the same time, it’s an undeniable advantage that you can target it precisely to the group of people you need, by targeting their interests in purchases, hobbies, topics, placements, and keywords. In addition, you choose which offers or groups of offers to show them.

Other benefits

In addition to the way the format basically operates, undeniable benefits include the possibility of customizing the advertising template. You can:

  • Choose your colour scheme – you can colour-style your ad to be consistent with the colours of your site
  • Choose your font
  • View discounts directly in the ad template
  • Add additional labels for each offer – e.g. discount, new product, bestseller…

We recommend using a dynamic banner in tandem with dynamic retargeting. By bringing new potential customers to your website, you will fill your retargeting lists with relevant users. These will then be taken over by performance-oriented dynamic retargeting and will help complete the user’s conversion.

How to set up a dynamic banner

If you are already using dynamic retargeting, you have almost everything already set up for a dynamic banner. In the Sklik interface, you still need to create an ad template, which you then pair with the newly created report in the dynamic banner campaign. Then you choose targeting and the product group and you are done!

Those who are just getting their hands-on product campaigns can expect a few more clicks.

How to evaluate a dynamic banner

Bear in mind that this is an acquisition format. Therefore, you need to track Sklik account statistics as a whole and not look for conversions in a dynamic banner campaign.

You can get a more reliable quantification of the benefit of the campaign in Google Analytics in the assisted conversion section, where you choose Campaign as the primary dimension (Primary Dimension → More → Acquisitions → Campaign) and you can easily find out the number of completed purchases in which the dynamic banner played a role.

See how the advertiser Zahradnictví Kruh reduced their PNO by 57% through a dynamic retargeting campaign when a dynamic banner was deployed.

What do top Sklik advertisers do?

We looked at how the best banner is used by the best. The TOP 20 advertisers on Sklik with a dynamic banner are aware of the importance and strength of acquisition campaigns, which is why they spend on average 35% of their budget on this type of campaign.

The popularity of the dynamic banner is growing, as evidenced by the upward trend of ad spend since this format launched.

Sklik numbers: the global view

The success of the new format is also confirmed by the year-on-year comparison of ad spend in a dynamic banner within the entire Sklik advertising system.

We also compared ad spend on dynamic banners in September 2020 with last November. Ad spend in September this year, i.e. before the start of the season, was 71% higher than last November and, as we well know, the month of November consistently proves to be the peak of the e-commerce season.

For the Sklik team: Petr Novák