Most frequent mistakes in creative visuals for your branding. Are you also guilty?

1. December 2020

Are you already using or looking to use branding? For your ads to make the most impact, your creative idea must hit the requirements of Sklik precisely.

What is branding

Branding is certainly the most striking advertising format that Sklik offers. It is a banner that wraps around the content of the most visited websites on the Czech internet. This way, you can be sure that your target group will not miss your advertising message.

Requirements for creative visuals

A banner for Sklik branding must be 2000 × 1400 px in size and a maximum of 500 kB.

Further requirements:

  1. The creative visual must not be transparent.
  2. The graphic design must fill the entire creative space of 2560 × 1440 px, including the space that will be overlaid by the page. If you need to fill the overlaid area with colour (typically white or black), it is necessary to keep a minimum buffer distance of 100 px from the edge of the page inwards (see example).
  3. The main message must be placed at the top of the space, within an area of 1366 × 720 px (see mock-up). No texts and logos may interfere with the space outside the main message (photography as a background is allowed).
  4. The text in the creative visual must not occupy more than 1/2 of the total visible area.

Most frequent mistakes

  • Advertising message goes beyond the visible area, see the above mock-up

If your graphic content does not respect the visible zone, the creative visual will be blocked and will not run. The solution is to upload a new creative visual that respects this rule.

  • The buffer distance of 100 px from the edge of the page

In this case, the ad is likely to start running, but most likely it will not run smoothly. Websites that support branding ads have different dimensions, so a white background may protrude from behind the page to spoil the impression. The buffer distance takes these differences into account and ensures that the ad is displayed correctly.

For the whole Sklik team: Petr Novák