New Sklik targeting – try it!

11. March 2021

Recently we announced the addition of new targetable interests in RTB. Sklik couldn’t be left behind, and on 11 January 2021 it debuted a revamped tree for interest-based targeting. What has changed?

The main goal of moving to a new tree is to improve it. In order to improve the listed targeting segments, interests are newly modelled using a new classifier of visited pages, which is built on advanced machine learning technologies. In addition to the new classifier of pages visited, the classifier of search queries, which is an integral part of the overall process for creating behavioural targeting, has also been completely redesigned.

Do I have to make adjustments to my campaigns?

For Sklik, the content of cookies has also changed, especially for the original interests. All pre-existing targets will be automatically reset without the need for your intervention.

We’ve added new segments and expanded the so-called superior general categories, which, like the previous general categories, bring together thematically similar audiences from the given category. There are now more general categories, and they go more in depth. In this context, we have remapped some general categories to their new equivalents.

The new general categories have smaller audiences and are therefore more accurate. In these cases, there may be a decrease in the number of impressions due to the smaller audiences and increased competition between categories. You can adjust the number of impressions to reach the desired volumes by adding more thematic segments (by extending the reach) or increasing your maximum CPC.

Internal testing shows that, from a global perspective and thanks to the more accurate classification of interests, we have a positive change in the overall CTR which shows an increase of 10% in CTR. Of course, this may not apply to all the targeting and reports in combination with all of the other setup parameters.

Overview of remapped general categories

As we have already mentioned, the transition to the new tree also introduced new segments which you are now free to deploy in your campaigns.

Newly added segments available through your interface

We believe that the new targeting options will contribute to the better performance and reach of your campaigns. We are looking forward to your feedback at this address:

For the Sklik Team: Jakub Novotný