Top 5 + 1 new Sklik features introduced in 2020

16. March 2021

The year 2020 was atypical in so many ways, and advertisers in many industries faced unprecedented challenges. We want to take a brief look back and recap the most important innovations of the year. Are you making the most of all the new possibilities?

What do we regard the most useful innovation Sklik introduced in 2020?

1. Evaluate the performance of display campaigns using new metrics

Thanks to the new metrics – frequency of intervention, new and unique users and win-rate – you can fully plan and evaluate the performance of the display in Sklik. The system also moved from the PPC category into an elite group of fully-fledged advertising systems that can serve all types of campaigns.

2. Improved product ad performance

At the end of the year, we started testing a click-through carousel with product ads. It appears on the desktop and in mobile search. Our statistics show that usage is growing, and advertisers are seeing higher CTRs and conversion rates.

In Q4 2020, we delivered 20% more visitors to advertisers through product ads compared to the same period last year. We plan to further increase the reach in the near future.

3. Improved CTR and conversion rate for DRTG with templates

Dynamic retargeting is an important source of conversions for most online stores. Last year, we gave you the opportunity to assign and test templates for this popular ad format.

Statistics for accounts that have started using DRTG templates show a 28% increase in the conversion rate compared to the accounts that don’t use templates. We’ve also compared the performance of reports that test 2 custom templates. The difference between them is on average 4% in the CTR and 17% in the conversion rate. Using and testing templates in DRTG really delivers!

4. Anyone can do video ads thanks to outstream

Outstream, as a video format, has been an option in Sklik for over a year. Video that appears outside of video content on visible areas in the body of the page greatly improves the reach and is more affordable. For a stable reach, we recommend setting the CPT from CZK 70.

Special video metrics and the option of evaluating performance using brand-specific metrics come with the territory!

5. New formats for advanced options – HTML5 and external code

In 2020, we also introduced advertising formats that display ads that can reach potential customers even better than regular statistical banners.

The advantage of HTML5 banners in Sklik is the compatibility of the format with other extended advertising platforms. However, keep in mind that Sklik only supports full-click ads so far, and ads may not be fully interactive. This, among other things, is addressed by the newly supported external code, thanks to which the possibilities for advertising formats are almost infinite. Both formats are only available to eligible advertisers.

A bonus tip to wrap things up

We are constantly adding to and updating the Sklik help pages so that they are always the most accurate reference for describing all the campaign settings that Sklik allows.

In July, we launched the Sklik Academy, which will help you find your way through all the laws of online marketing. Whether you are a beginner specialist who is looking to set up your first campaigns in Sklik, or an advanced user who wants to know when and how to deploy advanced formats, the Academy will guide you through the issues in well-arranged sections. We also recommend a course for marketers, which helps people who do not set up campaigns themselves, but still need to know in a nutshell what is possible, as well as how to know that the advertising is effective.