How to use visibility to improve your brand campaigns

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, brand campaigns should be a part of your communication mix. If you stick with performance campaigns only, the competition will soon outpace you. We made the metrics for evaluating the benefits of branding campaigns available to you last year. For best results, work with visibility. How should you do this?

Impressions ≠ views

The simplest rule is that your brand building campaign (called a brand campaign) needs to be visible. More importantly, the frequency must be sufficient, in addition to the long-term intervention of the target group. The brand campaign can run through various channels (television, radio, OOH), but also in the online environment. That is where you should be assessing your campaign’s visibility. Just because an impression is published and counted does not mean that your potential customer has seen it. Your banner or video ad may be only partially seen.

In the example below, however, you can see that even a banner visible from 50% can communicate the product and brand with an unignorable effect.

Alza banner visible at 50%. In this case, it is not possible to recognize the brand on the banner.

For many advertising formats, online space providers like do not have complete control of whether or not a person sees an ad, or even whether they do or don’t scroll down to see the ad. We are trying to manage this topic with due care, both for the website visitor and for our clients. For example, on Seznam websites the pages do not reload without user action to record a new impression. On some pages, ads are not loaded until you actually scroll to them.

“At Seznam, price depends on the auctions in Sklik and RTB that are driven by supply and demand, and from which the direct buy price is derived. The trends of recent months show that clients are satisfied with the price and visibility that Seznam offers. Compared to our competitors, advertising at Seznam is performing above standard,” says Tomáš Búřil, Sales Director

You too can take steps to make your branded ad formats more visible.

How to use Seznam advertising formats for the best visibility?

  • Focus on ad formats with high visibility, such as branding, mobile formats – these can achieve a visibility of up to 70-80%. As a result, lower display frequencies will suffice. For the same budget, you can reach a higher number of potential customers.
  • Use deals with highly visible positions above 80%.
  • Try to convert CPT to “visible CPT” across the market.
  • Try a native ad (see how to do this in Sklik). Compared to classic banner advertising, it has up to 25% higher visibility.
  • Try to use more advertising space. Size in this case means not only the absolute size in pixels, but also the ratio between the size of the banner and the display.
  • The context in which the ad is displayed plays a major role in the impact of the ad on your brand. The more premium the content (such as quality news content), the higher the effect. This is especially true for brand campaigns.
  • Sklik now supports external display codes. For the needs of measurement and interoperability with other external tools, we have added the possibility of inserting additional measurement codes to the external code. You can enter up to two tracking URLs to measure impressions, track visibility, or other options.
  • Creative visuals are crucial for visibility – so think about visibility when creating banners.