Add automatic captions to your video commercials

Your video ad in Sklik can now work better than before. We’ve launched the option to insert automatic captions into your videos. The new video captioning feature is especially useful when the video ad is played without sound – subtitles can still tell the whole story to the viewer.

When will subtitles help you?

The new video captioning feature is especially useful when the ad plays without sound, typically in outstream campaigns and in some cases in instream campaigns. That’s when it’s important to entice the viewer with a creative idea in addition to strong visuals, and where subtitles can help. If a viewer is watching a video ad without sound for various reasons, they will still get the message by reading the subtitles. 

How does it work?

The great advantage of automatic video captioning in Sklik is that all subtitles are always subject to human review. This guarantees maximum accuracy of the transcription without errors. Subtitles not matching the content of the video or containing a spelling error or typo will not occur.

For more information on how to set up automatic subtitling, see the Sklik help section.

Video captions are enabled by default. The option can only be disabled before the video file is uploaded; after that it is no longer possible to change the settings. However, you can delete the video, change the subtitle settings and upload it again. Subtitles do not appear instantaneously; they may not be available until several hours after the video has been uploaded.

When is it better not to use automatic video subtitles?

Subtitles are not suitable for all commercial types, especially videos that contain large accompanying or explanatory text. Subtitles would just duplicate the message. Then, of course, there are video commercials that already contain subtitles. Also be careful that subtitles do not obscure important parts of the video that the viewer shouldn’t miss.