Seznam log-in helps you to successfully complete your purchases

Veronika Geltner 20. April 2022

Every e-shop owner knows the problem with an abandoned cart. Customers are often discouraged by the last step, when they have to register on the website or tediously fill in their details. Have you ever wondered how to solve this problem? We have. There is Seznam Log-in.

About Seznam Log-in

With Seznam Log-in, all people need to do is just one click, and they are simply registered and logged in to your website. It works like other standard logins, and it enjoys great trust from users. It is an important step, especially in the shopping process when a user has to register in an e-shop or fill in details to complete the purchase. As a bonus, it is completely free for all Seznam clients and partners.

Why have a Seznam Log-in on your website

With Seznam Login, you can manage your e-shop database yet more easily. Furthermore, it is an important key for the future of targeted advertising, when it will not be possible to target advertising on the basis of cookies. It is thanks to our Logging in that the possibility of targeting, in the form of retargeting or conversion, will be preserved.

Why users appreciate Seznam Log-in

People trust Seznam as a Czech partner. According to our internal survey, up to 80% of all users would be happy to log in via Seznam if they had the opportunity. Everyone logs in easily with one click, no e-mail from Seznam is required. All they have to do is register any e-mail address they already have.

Would you, too, like to have Seznam Log-in on your website? Get in touch with us: