has extended its Board of Directors to five members

Aneta Kapuciánová 1. July 2022

Matěj Hušek and Ondřej Krišica have extended the Board of Directors of the company As of 1 July, the Board will consist of five members who will rotate in the position of chairman.

Members of Board: Tomáš Kapalín, Ondřej Procházka, Pavel Zima, Matěj Hušek, Ondřej Krišica

Matěj Hušek and Ondřej Krišica were holding position of directors at Seznam. Their transfer to the top management of the Company led to the following organizational changes:

  • Homepage and Content Services Division became Homepage Division under management of Ondřej Tolar and Content Services and Social Ecosystem under management of Jiří Vítek.
  • Advertising Division became Advertising Systems Division under the management of Michal Hadač and Identity and User Profile Division under the management of Dominik Kosorín.

With the organisational changes described above, the positions of Operation Director and Business Development Director were cancelled.

The new directors emerged from an internal selection process. The organisational structure of the Czech Internet leader is available at

Aneta Kapuciánová

PR Manager & Spokesperson