opens its third data centre and increases the capacity of its IT equipment to 6 MW

Veronika Geltner 14. May 2024

The Czech internet leader has opened its third data centre. The new building was added to the existing data centre in Horní Počernice, which was commissioned in 2015. The implementation took exactly one year and was carried out in cooperation with Metrostav and the general contractor, Altron. currently has three data centres – Osaka, Nagoya and Kokura, where there are three data halls. While Nagoya and Kokura belong to the Czech internet leader, Osaka is leased from O2.  In total, up to 6 MW of power is planned for the IT equipment at the sites owned.

Although Kokura 3 is part of the original data centre, it is structurally and technologically a separate unit. We have been able to introduce several innovations here that are not present in Nagoya, for example, which is only a year old. A significant innovation is that we are leaving out the UPS and batteries on one power branch. Thus, we will fully rely on the redundancy of power supplies in IT technology,” explains Vlastimil Pečínka, Technical Director of This change will reduce investment and operating costs, and will rely more on its own multi-source power supply.

The third data centre takes sustainability into consideration

The domestic Internet leader is fulfilling its economic as well as ecological strategies. “Right next to the motor-generator room, we have built a water treatment plant that fulfils the same role as that at DC Nagoya – it draws water from an underground tank which stores it when it rains, treats it and delivers it to the rooftop air handling units. Water is necessary both to adjust the humidity of the air that these units circulate into the data hall, thus reducing the risk of static electricity, and in summer to reduce the temperature of the intake air,” explains Vlastimil Pečínka, adding that the principle of cooling is also used to reduce the temperature of the intake air: “As a part of our move towards greater sustainability, we have modified the warm air extraction system and plan to increase the efficiency of the control by placing the extraction fans directly into the so-called warm aisles. We have also introduced another small innovation in the cold air distribution system. Our goal is to achieve the same PUE values as at the Nagoya data centre.”