Reach users with Safari and Firefox. How to do it?

7. February 2023 In cooperation with:  

It’s rather easy to reach customers who use the Google browser with advertising. But targeting users with Safari or Firefox browsers is quite a challenge. We love a challenge, so we got right down to business with our client Deichmann. Using video advertising to do this and targeted mainly people interested in shopping and discounts.

About the client

Deichmann-obuv is a German family-owned company and one of Europe’s biggest footwear retailers. Operating also in 31 countries worldwide, Deichman bases its strategy on growth from its own resources and independence from financial markets. In addition to traditional brands, it also offers elegant shoes or shoes for sports. And it complements its own product range with popular brands like Nike, Puma and others. In its marketing communication, the company promises customers both fashion and quality at an affordable price. 

About the campaign

As part of the DEICHMANN-BLACK-WEEK campaign which ran from November 21, 2022 to November 27, 2022, we communicated via video advertising up to 50% discounted prices in stores and on the e-shop during the Black Friday period.

Impressions:213 694
Video completion:147 383
VCR (Video completion rate):69,0 %
Period (reported):November 21-27, 2022
Format:Video (10 s)
Number of creatives:1

Campaign goal

The goal we set for ourselves was to reach users interested in shopping and discounts. By choosing high-quality data segments, we wanted to maximize interest in the client’s video ad and achieve the highest VCR (Video Completion Rate). The key for us was to focus on an audience that is harder to reach with targeted advertising. That is, users who operate primarily outside of Google Chrome.

Data usage

We applied various types of targeting in the campaign, including 3rd party cookies. So, in the case study, we focus only on cookieless solutions.

  1. Seznam Black Friday – 1st party targeting using data-enriched private deals that include users interested in shopping and shoes bots.
  2. Digiseg Black Friday – targeting based on segments of IP addresses that contain users interested in discounts and shopping.
  3. Oracle Black Friday – contextual targeting focusing on discount and shopping topics.


We broke down the campaign by data and limited the targeting to Safari and Firefox only. In doing so, we focused only on users who rely on identifiers other than 3rd party cookies.


In cookieless strategies, 22% of all campaign impressions took place. These impressions were evenly split between the targeting from Seznam, Digiseg and Oracle. We didn’t change any of the strategy settings and they remained the same for all lineitems. We optimized the video completion.

Targeting from Seznam reached a 66% video completion rate, exceeding our KPIs by 32%. Digiseg and Oracle achieved a video completion rate slightly above 40%, which is below the set campaign goal.

TargetingImpressionsCR %Improvement over KPI
Seznam15 20966 %+32 %
Digiseg15 62643 %-15 %
Oracle14 27641 %-18 %
Total45 11150 %
* We set the campaign goal (KPI) at a 50% video ad completion rate.


Targeting from Seznam is the clear winner and has significantly contributed to the overall goal of the Deichmann Black Week campaign.

> 50 %
Campaign KPI
+32 %
Result of targeting from Seznam

And finally, something special

We were pleased to have implemented a substantial part of the campaign across all cookieless strategies, despite the fact that it focused on only two browsers, Safari and Firefox. The results of the video completion rate are also fantastic, which exceeded the 40% video completion rate even in these “data-disadvantaged” browsers.

Interestingly, both Digiseg and Oracle purchased impressions evenly between Safari and Firefox, but the Seznam strategy purchased impressions significantly in Firefox (93% of the Imps) and minimally in Safari (7% of the Imps). The reason for that was that the Seznam data strategy only purchased on desktop devices and Safari primarily a mobile browser.