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How do you support a TV campaign in an online environment? Focus on frequency

1. March 2023 In collaboration with:  

Brand campaigns are undoubtedly a vital part of marketing, especially in a highly competitive environment, so we should never forget the importance of building brand awareness. But can a bumper, i.e., an unskippable 6-second video ad, be a suitable means to extend the reach of a TV campaign? And does it make sense to use this format as a tool to build awareness of a new product? Have a look at how our client Jan Becher managed to use a bumper to support a TV campaign and achieve outstanding results.

About the Client

Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka, a. s. is a company with Czech roots and a worldwide presence. Aside from its own production, the company distributes more than 40 global premium alcohol brands on the Czech market including brands such as Beefeater, whose new flavour, Zesta Lemon was launched on the Czech market this year.

Campaign objective

In cooperation with the Fragile agency, we launched a video campaign for this client as part of a direct purchase on Seznam with the aim of introducing the new Beefeater gin flavour. To measure the campaign results and the level of awareness, we used Seznam Brand Lift. With its help, we were able to focus on measuring the impact of advertising through Seznam.

Online campaign progress and results

  • Impressions: 7,765,354
  • Timing of campaign: June 1 – July 31, 2022
  • Targeting 18+

In total, three video spots were deployed in the campaign on Seznam. In doing so, the same message was delivered in a different way each time, while still remaining attractive to users. The timing of the campaign itself was also crucial, allowing for longer-term communication of each creative design.

With regard to the launch of a completely new product on the market, we emphasised a higher display frequency. Repeatedly reaching out to users with different types of creatives can help us significantly in building the awareness of a given brand or specific product.

Seznam Brand Lift is a tool for measuring the impact of a brand campaign on a brand in the form of a survey. The question asked in the survey reflects the main campaign objective, which should then lead to an assessment of the extent to which this objective has been achieved.

The question is displayed to two groups:
– the control group (prior to the campaign) that has not yet encountered the campaign
– the exposed group that has already seen the campaign.

Situation before the campaign

In order to be able to determine the impact of a video campaign, it was necessary to find out the level of product awareness among people who had not been exposed to the campaign (control group) before it began.

We were interested in whether the respondents knew the new flavour and, if so, whether they had already tried the product or intended to do so. The total number of respondents in the control measurement was 1,016, and 14.7% of people chose one of the answers which demonstrated a certain level of product awareness.

Results of measuring

As previously mentioned, during the campaign on Seznam there was also a parallel TV campaign. We therefore conducted further control data collection during our video campaign and included the measurement of the influence of TV and other channels in our survey to avoid data distortion.

n control group 1 016, n exposed group 1

The results indicate that, with a higher frequency of reaching users, the awareness gained thanks to our video campaign increased by 22% (or 4.3 percentage points) above the framework of the second control group influenced by the television communication. The digital campaign on Seznam has therefore brought nearly the same increase as the TV campaign when compared to the initial control measurement, and these are fantastic results.

  • The first column is the control measurement immediately before the entire communication.
  • The middle column of the graph (the influence of other channels) indicates the result of the second control measurement performed in parallel with the questioning of the exposed group. The results are influenced by the TV campaign and the other communication. The campaign running on Seznam is not incorporated into these results. We survey people who have not encountered the campaign on Seznam.
  • The last column (exposed group) are those users who were also exposed to video campaign on Seznam. In this case, they have encountered the advertising video spot at least three times.

The survey result proved that the combination of a TV campaign and online video clearly makes sense. We were able to use the bumper video to support the TV campaign and generally raise the level of awareness of the new Beefeater gin flavour.


The example of the Beefeater client’s campaign shows how the synergy of a TV campaign, and an online video ad can work and how online can support TV very effectively.

The results of the brand lift showed that the video campaign succeeded in visibly enhancing the awareness of the new Beefeater flavour, and the bumper proved to be a suitable format in building awareness.

The frequency also plays a significant role in brand campaigns. In this case, the results of the survey showed that it is appropriate to use at least three or more impressions per user for a campaign of this type. The effect beyond the TV campaign was insignificant for users exposed to a lower frequency.

Prepared for the RTB team by Nikola Fořt Levová & Jaroslav Borovka