How to build and measure a brand well using RTB and Seznam Brand Lift?

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In today’s online world, where we are constantly faced with so many ads, it’s important to remind users and measure brand awareness regularly, even with well-defined targeting. It was the combination of the follow-up strategy and measurement of awareness through Seznam Brand Lift that helped the client to succeed with his campaign. Let’s have a look at it.

About the Konopný Táta brand

Konopný Táta (Cannabis Dad) is engaged in the production of cannabis-based products. Initially, the company focused only on the production of cannabis ointments, over time it has also included other assortments such as cannabis teas and oils, CBD oils and other cannabis-based products. The company’s success is based primarily on original technology that it develops and builds on its own. Thanks to extraction technology, constant development and its positive approach to work, the company offers its customers the best available.

The path to brand visibility

The main goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness among target groups and to lead these users to the client’s website. To increase the frequency of the reach and to remind users, we used retargeting in the campaign with a new follow-up message. This higher reach frequency is the key to building brand awareness.

The campaign briefly
3 202 047
712 835
0,78 %
63,24 %
82,18 %
View-through rate (VTR)

Three key targeting segments

The client chose a total of three target groups in the campaign:

  • Caring mothers – Women interested in buying products for their children such as toys, cosmetics, etc. They watch children’s programmes and fairy tales on Stream.cz and/or visit websites geared towards parents.
  • Seniors dealing with their health – Elderly people who regularly visit websites for seniors and health-related websites. They are interested in medical care and buying aids for seniors and the disabled, and/or those searching for homes for the elderly or medical offices and workplaces on Firmy.cz.
  • Skin problems – People who use our search engine and our internal and external websites to seek out topics related to skin problems.

Campaign strategy and creative used

The campaign was divided into two phases. In the first, we addressed these audiences using banners, native ads and bumpers. The banners and bumpers served to introduce the brand and were displayed to all the mentioned audiences. The texts of native ads were then personalized for each target group.

In the second phase, we showed personalized bumpers to users who encountered the creatives from the first phase. Their content corresponded to the original target group.

That’s because the great advantage of RTB campaigns is the possibility of using campaign data. Thanks to this data, we can sophisticatedly reach an audience that has had some interaction with the campaign. In this case, we selected the following audiences for retargeting:

  • 100% viewable banner for at least one second
  • Viewed video
  • Click on the native ad

Example of one of the bumpers used


Example of campaign banners

How did the campaign do?

To evaluate the campaign, we used the product Seznam Brand Lift. This tool collects user feedback through a survey and specified questions regarding brand awareness or consideration, fondness for it or purchase interest. The question is shown to two groups:

  • Control (pre-campaign) – a group that has not encountered the campaign.
  • Exposed – a group that has been in contact with the campaign.

Seznam Brand Lift form used

We focused the question used in Brand Lift on the awareness of the client’s cannabis ointments. The result showed a 56% increase (10 percentage points) in brand awareness (with a certain level of knowledge), which confirms the positive influence of RTB campaigns on brand awareness.

The campaign result exceeded expectations

The measurement results show that working with campaign data has paid off. The strategy, focused on higher frequency, follow-up messages and the use of a personalized message, helped us to strengthen the brand awareness in the selected target groups.

Such a significant increase in the level of brand awareness thanks to the display campaign represents a result well above average.

Prepared on behalf the RTB team by Libuše Holoubková & Nikola Fořt Levová