At Seznam, we are pioneers in targeting using first-party data

Sooner or later, third-party user cookies you’re used to targeting will become anonymous traffic. Does this scare you? It doesn’t have to. We have been preparing for this situation for a long time and have come up with a solution to target users using so-called cookieless browsers.

Reaching potential customers who access content on the Internet through browsers that do not support third-party cookies is no longer a vision of the future. At Seznam, we apply methods that deliver excellent results thanks to the activation of our first-party data. That’s because we’ve succeeded in enriching data segments with users who use cookieless browsers. Our targeting allows you to reach almost every user, regardless of which browser they use. Today, we will present to you the real results provided to us by the Omnicom Media Group (OMG).

OMG uses both third-party and first-party cookies in its targeting campaigns for its client Renault. In fact, it was us at Seznam who provided them with data segments. Is it worth engaging first-party targeting in campaigns?

The results of the case study speak clearly in favor of using first-party targeting from Seznam. By engaging first-party IDs compared to using only third-party data, the campaign reach increased by 34%, while the CPA (cost per acquisition) decreased by 16% – filling in the Renault car configurator.

Do you want to incorporate first-party data in your campaigns, but don’t use Adform DSP? No problem. We’ve thought of you too. We can create a targeted private deal for all DSPs, to which we automatically attach our first-party identifier. So you buy the third-party and first-party at once! If you are only interested in the first-party users, target the deal on Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers.

To make sure you don’t get lost in the options for buying first-party data, we have prepared a simple infographic for you:

Hurray! Now you know what the options are for activating first-party data. But isn’t there something missing? That’s right. We couldn’t deprive you of a list of segments that already contain a first-party identifier in Adform Marketplace. Find it in the attached table. If you do not find your favorite there, this is no reason to be disappointed either. Just contact the RTB team, and we can create miracles almost on the spot.

On behalf of the RTB team, Jiří Novotný