Since August, it will be required to include the consent parameter in Sklik advertising codes

10. July 2024

From 1 August 2024, conversion and retargeting codes will have to contain a consent parameter with a value of 1 in order to work properly. Through this parameter, advertisers provide Seznam with information on whether the user has given consent to targeted advertising or conversion measurement.

The conversion and retargeting codes of Seznam must contain a consent parameter and a value expressing the user’s consent to store cookies from 1 August 2024. Otherwise, our systems will not process the codes.

To ensure that your conversion tracking and retargeting will continue to work as you’re used to, please check your settings. If your codes don’t yet contain a consent parameter with a value of 1 or 0, you will need to update them. See below to find out how to do it.

Don’t risk inaccurate results, rather prepare early

The codes must be provided with the consent parameter so that it is always part of them, with a value of 1 (consent granted) or 0 (consent not granted or denied). If consent is not granted (parameter value 0), we use the triggered conversion codes anonymously to model conversions.  It will give you a more accurate overview of the performance of your campaigns in Sklik and Zboží.cz.

If the code does not contain a parameter with a value of 1, the conversion will not be measured, and the user will not be included in the retargeting audiences. This will happen even though have been running the code after the user has given his consent. We will of course include this change in the terms and conditions of Sklik and Zboží.cz.

To learn more about the consent parameter and its values, please see the Help section for conversion and retargeting code.

How to set the consent parameter correctly?

  • If you use Google Tag Manager, the easiest way is to use the prepared templates. Both templates use the consent parameter correctly. If you’re already working with them, you don’t need to take any further adjustments.

  • Do you use an e-shop platform such as Shoptet, FastCentrik and others? Then follow the instructions for your specific platform. You can find links to the most frequent ones in our Help section.

You can check if you are working with the consent parameter correctly in our guide. If you have any questions about this topic or need help setting up the consent parameter, please contact your account manager or a consultant in Seznam.    

Thank you for working with us to create a transparent environment that fully respects users’ privacy preferences.

Sklik Team