Outstream video format is rolled out to more websites

21. October 2019

Already popular with the clients at our homepage Seznam.cz and news website Novinky.cz, the Outstream video format has been made available also for Sport.cz, Proženy.cz and Kupi.cz.

We wrote about improvements to Outstream already in an earlier article. Now we want to allow advertisers to reach users on other sites as well.

Advertisers are now able to reach up to 2 million visitors a week on Sport.cz, mostly men. On the other hand, Proženy.cz website is dominated by women’s audiences and advertisers can reach over 1.5 million visitors a week.

Just like at Novinky.cz, you can see Outstream is just below the article. The video starts as soon as it is visible at least 50%. If the user scrolls down, the playback stops. This guarantees maximum video visibility and viewer attention. See how it will be positioned on the site.

The main advantage of Outstream is cost efficiency. The format offers the best price per view of the whole video. At the same time, due to many impressions and unique users, the advertiser has the opportunity to reach a wide audience at the TV level.

In general, shorter spots with creative sections of up to 15 seconds work better, as they reach a 15% viewing rate. It is important that the video captivates from the start as the advertiser has less time to reach the user.

In most cases the creative part of the video will be played without sound, so we strongly suggest incorporating subtitles into the video to help tell the story.

You can buy Outstream both directly from the Seznam sales team and through RTB.

Petr Daneš for the whole Video Advertising Team