The new native format Seznam Talks will bring you closer to your customers

22. March 2023

The Seznam Talks format is yet another option for our commercial partners to reach their audience and make themselves visible. The aim is to bring readers interesting topics from the world of business.

Topics of Seznam Talks articles are based on an interview with an inspirational personality, e.g., a start-up founder, a manager or an entrepreneur. This makes the format closer to the editorial articles on Seznam News, where it will be published. “That is why it is crucial for us to find brands with the courage and desire to open topics that resonate. Maybe even with society as a whole, such as financial literacy or sustainable business, which also moves companies forward,” explains Kristýna Dlasková from Seznam Brand Studio, who is launching the new format together with the team.

Because Seznam Talks is built on strong personalities from the business world, it is suitable for brands whose managers, directors or founders have something to say. Whether it’s about innovation and trends, the impact of inflation on business operations, or how difficult it is to resist stress and burnout. “We are as interested in success as much as ‘screw-ups’ and ‘life lessons learned’,” adds Izabela Nováková, who participated in the preparation of the new format.

Every business has its story. What is yours?

Seznam Talks benefits from the advantages of native advertising. One of them is the credibility of Seznam News, which enjoys one of the highest levels of this metric on the Czech media market. Each article is created in cooperation with a specific brand, with which it is also explicitly associated in both visual and content. “We want to build on the text, which comes directly from the interview with the respondent. We can also embed audio and video or add a photo gallery. This is useful when the brand wants to allow readers to peek into their production, or perhaps explain their philosophy through the use of audio. Below the article, we can incite reader discussions and of course there is the possibility of retargeting so that they can continue to work with their already gathered audience,” explains Kristýna.

Moreover, Seznam Brand Studio guarantees the number of views along with the possibility of working further with the audience by means of retargeting.

Every business has its story. What is yours? Contact us at or contact your sales representative.