Get the most out of your campaigns using acquisition targeting

11. April 2023 Ve spolupráci s:  

How to extend campaign reach and increase turnover while upholding the target Cost of Sale (CoS)? The clients Agrofortel and Spořílek decided to use acquisition targeting using dynamic retargeting of product visitors on Seznam websites. This type of targeting shows users an ad for a specific product from the client’s XML feed, which they viewed in the Seznam browser. The results of the campaign may inspire you to work with targeting.

Introducing the clients

Agrofortel is a purely Czech company that has been operating on the market since 2015. Its e-shop focuses on the sale of agricultural and animal breeding supplies.

Spořílek is also a Czech e-shop with more than twenty years in the business. It focuses on the sale of white goods – electrical appliances and other household and garden merchandise. The company’s core competencies are friendly communication and a pro-client approach.

Stated objectives

Both clients set themselves three main goals. With a limited budget, they wanted to extend the reach of their campaigns to new relevant users, increase total turnover and keep the target CoS in the account. The results of the campaigns were evaluated mainly using external tools and more advanced attribution models. Besides the conversions paired with individual campaigns in Sklik, they also worked with assisted conversions while taking into account the benefits that campaigns brought. What do the numbers say?


21 %
Sklik total budget
16,11 %
CoS of the campaign in Sklik
10,3 %
CoS including assisted conversions
38,5 %
Share in total account turnover
22 %
Total traffic from Sklik
10 %
Sklik total budget
22,41 %
CoS of the campaign in Sklik
8,4 %
CoS including assisted conversions
6,5 %
Share in total account turnover
33 %
Total traffic from Sklik

Results assessment

In both cases, the respective allocated budget was made more profitable by increasing the total turnover while respecting the target CoS in the accounts. The campaigns have both brought numerous new potential customers to the clients’ websites. In over 90% of the cases, campaigns were at the very beginning of the user’s conversion path, as evidenced even by the high proportion of assisted conversions. Miroslav Voda, operator of the Spořílek store, also assessed the results as positive.

Dynamic retargeting of Seznam visitors brings users to our website at a more advanced stage of the purchasing process. Thanks to this, the campaign has accurate reach, solid performance and we evaluate it positively in our attribution model.

Want similar results?

  • Take advantage of product groups. Limit the delivery of the products to those that are currently in stock. In the product group, you can also add the “price from” condition, which will exclude for instance the delivery of cheaper product. For larger clients, you can even try dividing products into multiple product groups and compare their performance.
  • Think about attaining the right setting of the display frequency and the option of adjusting targeting on mobile devices. Delivery on mobile devices is usually cheaper, so it is good to monitor that you spend the budget on individual devices evenly. Such suitable solutions include, for example, an increase in desktop targeting by tens of percent.
  • Don’t forget to add at least two different templates to your configurations. Besides the appropriate color combination, it is important that you present a competitive advantage in the template. Targeting is designed to attract users while trying to convince them to buy from your client’s e-shop
  • Use the option to exclude users who have already been on your site. You will continue to address such users through retargeting or dynamic retargeting.
  • When evaluating, account for the fact that this is an acquisition type of campaign. In practice, this means that the campaign is in most cases the user’s very first interaction with the e-shop, and the resulting conversion is thus often credited to a different campaign. We therefore recommend taking into account assisted conversions and give preference to following the entire conversion path of the user.