Learn to work with the most valuable asset of all: your clients

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As a tool for maximising advertising reach, the content network is an effective way of both acquiring new users and re-engaging existing site visitors. Retargeting campaigns effectively bring users back and deliver the desired performance. However, the end of third party cookies, expected in early 2025, will reduce the reach of retargeting. Sklik offers an alternative – targeting your own customer lists. Let’s take a look at how it worked for one ouf our clients Notino.

About the client:

Notino is the largest online perfume and cosmetics store in Europe and has been operating on the Czech market since 2004. Since then, the company has gradually become one of the strongest online beauty players in Europe. Notino currently operates in 27 European markets. It is an authorised partner of the world’s biggest beauty brands such as DIOR, Lancôme, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chloé, Estée Lauder and many others. Its portfolio includes 100,000 products from more than 2,700 brands. Notino’s annual turnover  exceeded 1 billion euros in 2022.

CRM tool helps segmenting contacts

About two years ago, Notino started targeting in Sklik its own customer lists with a clear objective – to learn how to effectively reach existing and new customers in the future cookieless era. So Notino’s specialists began to test the capabilities of the Bloomreach CRM system, which until then had been used mainly for e-mailing.

Initially, they used the same list segmentation, that their emailing department used for targeting, and uploaded the lists as .CSV files directly into Sklik. Over time, the client wanted to get much more out of this targeting, so they wanted to create their own lists for PPC advertising, have them updated on a daily basis and take advantage of the maximum performance that targeting offered.

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Custom lists are not only helpful in discount promotions

Notino’s primary objective was to target key customer segments and use advertising to build customer loyalty and ensure repeat purchases in the future. We divided our own customer lists into different segments according to the customer’s priorities, for example:

  • Visitors to the shopping cart in the last 7 days
  • Conversion customers for different periods of time
  • Conversion customers buying certain brands or categories
  • Visitors to the e-shop of specific brands or categories

Notino works similarly with segmentation and creating regular retargeting audiences. This will minimise its reliance on third party cookies in the future. To do this, of course, it needs as many logged-in users in the e-shop as possible, ideally at the earliest possible stage of those users’ entry to the site.

It was also important to deliver relevant advertising to each segment. For example, the advertiser uses its own customer lists to promote promotions, discounts and major shopping events such as Black Friday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. It also uses its own lists to promote the installation of the Notino app and events that take place there.

Success through continuous optimalisation

The client is one of the largest Czech e-commerce players on the market. Initially, because of that, they faced some technical challenges in processing and uploading the lists due to the large volume of data and number of email addresses. Today, however, uploading larger lists to Sklik and regularly updating them is completely without issues.

At the same time, the Sklik connection to the Bloomreach system has been made operational, making it easier to continue working with this targeting. Currently, the client can only work on optimising these campaigns to achieve the desired results.

In the beginning, targeting was part of standard retargeting campaigns, but today we run targeting on our own clients in a separate campaign for better visibility and setup. The key is getting the segmentation right, focusing on the audiences that are important to Notino. Part of the optimisation is also working with devices, where selected ad sets are optimised separately for desktop and separately for mobile to meet PNO objectives.

Targeting delivers more conversions at a lower cost per click

Currently, targeting its own customer lists accounts for around 12% of Notino’s retargeting campaign revenue. However, the percentage of their own customers will increase in the future to reduce the reliance on third party cookies.

Year-on-year development of conversion values

Retargeting – site visitors+ 1%
Retargeting – site visitors + own customers+ 21%
Source: Sklik, 03/2024, year-on-year comparison

The average cost-per-click for targeting your own customer lists is 9.1 % lower than a standard retargeting campaign.

Custom lists have become an integral part of our strategy. We currently also use custom lists to replicate retargeting lists throughout the year. These lists are automatically filled on a daily basis to keep them up to date. This retargeting brings additional conversions with it, more targeted user reactivation and the ability to reach users that we wouldn’t be able to reach at Sklik without this targeting

Targeting your own customer lists increases the value of conversions

The aim of using custom customer lists was to maximise the revenue generated by retargeting campaigns and to use the potential of this tool. Without this targeting, the retargeting campaigns would have seen a 1% year-on-year increase in conversion value, while the use of custom customer lists resulted in a 21% year-on-year increase. By using the right list segmentation and ongoing optimisation, the overall campaign PNO was also reduced.