How creative ideas increase success of advertising campaigns

9. July 2020

It might seem that with the current very advanced possibilities of optimizing digital campaigns, especially in the field of programmatic advertising, the application of best practices can essentially guarantee success. But how is it possible that often two almost identical campaigns deliver very different results?

In many such cases, the answer lies in the campaign’s creative idea. For example, researchers at Nielsen Catalina Solutions, in their study Five Keys to Advertising Effectiveness in which they tried to accurately quantify the impact of individual campaign elements on performance, more precisely on its measurable share of sales, assigned the most importance to creativity.

Source: Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Its influence was quantified at 47%, and the creative idea clearly outranked the importance of reach (22%), existing brand strength (15%) and the importance of targeting (9%), the right timing (in terms of addressing the customer at the right time and at the appropriate stage of the purchasing process (5%) and the context of the campaign (2%).

So, with a pinch of salt, we could say that a creative idea represents half the success of a campaign. Consequently, it is necessary to pay the same attention to it as the choice of media, i.e. when, where, how and to whom the ad will be displayed. While a thorough analysis of historical data and knowledge of functional formulas will help us set up the campaign delivery method, the creative side lacks clear and exact rules. It is like a kind of alchemy where we attempt to intuit what form can sufficiently attract the attention of the audience we want to reach.

An effective tool for testing what works and what doesn’t work in a campaign is A/B testing, i.e. the production and deployment of at least two sets of differently conceived creative ideas, which we so-called “play against each other” to compare the results of each. Based on such a comparison, we can then determine what applies better to the audience in this particular case.

At Seznam, we offer clients who use our RTB management the free production of at least one set of creatives for A / B testing with our graphics. Our team always tries to come up with a creative alternative to the client’s own set, while of course we do not forget to respect the client‘s visual identity and all the requirements. The use of A / B testing has demonstrably brought us better results in campaigns, and clients therefore repeatedly ask for it.

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Jakub Skřivan for our RTB Team