Seznam survey: Ads people do (not) want to see

15. July 2020

We recently approached our users of all ages and interviewed them a little on the topic of online advertising. We asked which ads they find useful, what bothers them about mobile advertising or what they think of a company that advertises online. We believe that our survey can help you create campaigns that people love to see.

Advertising presenting (new) products and a discount is useful

Above all, people expect advertising about products, preferably new ones. It will probably not be a surprise that they also appreciate discounts. The younger generation values a captivating image, punchy text or a good story.

Advertising makes the company more credible

Our research revealed that 3/4 of people think that (most) advertisers are established, well-to-do businesses. All generations agreed; however this opinion prevailed especially among older people with lower education.

Overlay ad is the most annoying mobile ad

You know, you browse the internet from your phone and suddenly – boom! A full page overaly ad. And that’s exactly what bothers people the most about mobile advertising. Ads that often repeat, take up too much space, or slow down page loading are also perceived a nuisance. Our respondents agreed that all these aspects bother them much more than, for example, ads that are irrelevant.