Seznam launches the Seznam Brand Studio as an umbrella for its commercial projects

13. November 2020 has consolidated its commercial content activities into one place. Meet Seznam Brand Studio with Ondřej Sitta as the lead and Tomáš Búřil in charge of management.

Tomáš Búřil, source:

From September, combined all commercial product content into one place in its new venture Seznam Brand Studio. The new project will offer Seznam Native products, product placement, testing, contextual advertising and more. The Seznam Brand Studio is managed by the sales director Tomáš Búřil and led by Ondřej Sitta.

Seznam wanted to design their year-round strategies across various content commercial products, according to clients’ needs. With the expansion of the Seznam network, commercial content across all Seznam media has recently been increasing.

Today, Seznam is no longer just eight million online users, but also 2.2 million unique viewers of Seznam television, 350,000 readers of the print supplement per week or, according to our data, over 200,000 radio listeners a week across various platforms. Here, we communicate with our users everywhere in terms of content and we want to offer this opportunity to our business partners as well. A number of new products are in the pipeline. These are, for example, Seznam Native, Advertorial and product placement, which distribute advertising content in non-traditional ways. We have now consolidated the activities of the commercial content into one place, Seznam Brand Studio, which will be responsible for all products falling into this area,” explains Tomáš Búřil, Sales Director of

According to Tomáš, leading foreign media were the inspiration for the project. “Examples include CNN Create, T Brand Studio, WSJ Custom Studios, Guardian Labs and BBC StoryWorks,” concludes Búřil.

In the future, wants to expand its portfolio of commercial content, not only adding other text formats, but also video and audio. Podcasts should also be on the menu. According to Búřil, commercial articles under the brand Seznam Native product have a very good impact on Seznam’s content services. plans to expand the relationship with other media not only within the Czech Republic, but also with foreign media houses. A partnership with with is the latest item on the agenda.