Filtering reports by campaign type

In addition to the existing options for selecting campaigns for the statistical report – by activity or a specific campaign – we have added the option of filtering campaigns by their type. For example, you can now set up an automatic report for all campaigns of the search type. This will also include all your future added search campaigns.

What else is good to know? The filter cannot be combined with the selection of specific campaigns; you can use either one or the other. However, it can be combined with the network selection, so you can pull e.g. the product campaign type plus the content network type into the report to get the stats for dynamic banner and dynamic retargeting only.

Non-standard campaign types

Combined – it is no longer possible to create a combined campaign in the normal way. If you have a campaign of this type in your account, it can complicate your reporting or filtering. Do not hesitate to contact our support. We will be happy to convert your campaign to the desired type.

Zboží.cz – a new campaign type that will be added to the Sklik interface as the consolidation of Sklik and Zboží.cz for the new Seznam Nákupy shopping platform. There are currently (March 2021) no campaigns of this type in your accounts and all existing report templates will not have this type selected. Thus, the data source settings for your reports will not change without your intervention. More information will be available soon.

What’s in the pipeline?

We are busy working on new reports that will improve the work with statistics and also speed up the currently slow generation of reports. We will also add support for campaign filters to Sklik API.