6 tips on how to optimize your ads in Sklik for Christmas 2022

And here it is again! Christmas is fast approaching and with it, the chance to make the most of Sklik campaigns. Don’t underestimate preparations, and Santa will bring you even more conversions.

Join us for this year’s tips on how to tweak Sklik campaigns to perfection!

1. Retargeting (RTG) to e-mail addresses

Do you have a list of email addresses of your users? Like those who have subscribed to the newsletter? Take advantage of this and offer customers a special offer or simply remind them.

Whom to target?

  • users who purchased from you last year,
  • those who shop in post-Christmas close-out sales – show them this year’s offer of such post-Christmas close-out sales,
  • remind people who left last year’s purchases till the last minute to buy on time this year,
  • offer special discounts to registered customers,
  • show women tips for Christmas gifts for men and vice-versa. Using banners/HTML5 banners, take them to a special URL with a selection of TOP gifts along with a promo code,
  • thank customers for their trust and take to a special URL with a promo code.

2. New Targeting – Buying Interests

We’re constantly working to improve our ad targeting possibilities. One available targeting is Buying Interests. Compared to Interests, these are more accurate in targeting users who are in the phase just prior to buying a product or service. We recently added a series of audiences comprised of visitors to Firmy.cz. Expansion also occurred of audiences focused on the following products:             

Brandlovers FieldmannOnline food sales
Brandlovers FiskarsBarefoot footwear
Brandlovers HooverBackpacks

3. Dynamic retargeting (DRTG) for Seznam visitors

This type of targeting is an ideal choice for Christmas, when the proportion of spontaneous purchases increases. Are you considering how to reach other customers potentially interested in your products by dynamic retargeting of product visitors? And are you meanwhile addressing diminished impact of retargeting campaigns caused by a lower consent rate to targeted advertising? Try Dynamic retargeting of Seznam visitors, based on 1st party data.

4. Simple Content Campaign

Cookieless targeting, by the help of which you appear mainly to people who refused consent to targeted advertising, has cookies blocked, or for other reasons behaviorally targeted advertising does not enter the auction – interests, buying interests, retargeting.

Having analyzed the data, we can confirm for the entire Sklik advertising system that when comparing clients using a standard targeted content campaign and the Simple Content Campaign (SCC), the average cost-per-click is 47% lower in favor of the SCC. The comparison took place for campaigns with banner and combined ad formats. And since the SCC only appears in ad space where users refused consent to targeted advertising, we recommend using both types of campaigns in the Sklik content network.

If you are interested in more specific data on how SCC campaigns are doing, check out the Answear case study.

5. Video advertisement

Video advertisement is an inherent part of Christmas. A wave of emotions rises in people as they listen to carols and bells, and they see those Christmas themes. One of the most popular Christmas video advertisements in the Czech Republic is undoubtedly the Christmas classic by Kofola with a wild boar. You can see the best ads from around the world here.

Consumption of videos on Stream.cz grows from October to December, and the advertising space is 20% larger compared to the year-round average. Traditionally, video recipes are heavily watched. If you don’t have a video ad created that’s fine. Through their combined efforts, our graphic designers are able to create it for you custom made.

6. Advertising on Zboží.cz via Sklik

It is no secret that product advertisements have been removed for eternity and replaced by so-called GA – Goods advertisements. If you set up bidding via Sklik, be sure to tweak this campaign before Christmas. Set up product groups, sufficient budgets and large enough CPCs, and possibly use a multiplier if you want to bid differently using different types of devices.

How to improve visibility on Zboží.cz?

You can improve the visibility of your offers using CATEGORYTEXT and PARAM tags. You can check the correct entry of values into the PARAM tag in  Help, as well as the rules for correctly filling in the CATEGORYTEXT tag. Be careful if you change the offer to another advertised product, even if you change the color or size. That’s because it is important to also edit the ITEM_ID. So stay on top of changes in the category tree and follow our blog, where every month you will find a summary of all newly established parameters and categories.

Closing TIPS

Don’t forget the client’s consent to measurement

Both the conversion code and retargeting code need information from you as advertisers about your visitors’ consent to targeted advertising. Thanks to this, these codes can then re-address people in the advertising network via cookies and track them for measuring conversion (Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on Electronic Communications).

The conversion code supports the consent parameter, whereby the advertiser provides Seznam with information on whether or not the user has consented to targeted advertising or conversion measurement.

Sklik Check list

Browse through the campaign settings using our check list to make sure you didn’t forget anything and have your campaigns set up across the board.

Dominika Mokrá and Eva Šikulová on behalf of the Seznam team.