Automatically import your campaigns from Google Ads to Sklik

Introducing a new way for you to transfer campaigns from Google Ads to Sklik directly without having to export campaigns in the Editor and then import a CSV file into Sklik. Is it now even easier thanks to linking accounts and automatic importing? What can import from Google Ads in the beta version do and how to set it up?

The entire setup is easy and divided into a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to link the Sklik account where your campaigns will be imported to the account you use to sign in to Google Ads. You will then need to grant Sklik permission to read data from the given account and set the update frequency. You can update your campaigns automatically every day, week, or month.

You’ll see an overview directly in the Sklik interface of all the accounts you have access to in Google Ads, and you’ll select one source account from the list. Moreover, Sklik only needs read access. Import is therefore particularly useful for agency specialists who manage numerous accounts. In the next step, you choose the campaign or campaigns that you want to import into Sklik.

How does the import of campaigns from Google Ads to Sklik appear

For details on how to set up automatic import, see Help.

What can import from Google Ads do at this time?

  • Transfer search and content campaigns.
  • Import on a one-time basis or download a regular update import.
  • Import ads in ETA, RSA and banner formats.
  • Import keywords.
  • Make advanced edits that are similar to edits in the Sklik CSV Importer.
  • Provide an overview of the import history and option to create a similar import.

What can it not do (just yet)?

  • Import combined ads, videos, and other formats.
  • Import targeting other than keywords or negative keywords at the campaign level.
  • Import Links and Labels extensions.                   
  • More detailed campaign/configuration settings must be set for now on a one-time basis in the Sklik interface.
  • Import DSA and other types of Google Ads campaigns that are not available in Sklik.

Find more information in Help.

This is the beta version of the tool that we plan to develop further in the coming weeks based on your feedback. We are also aware of restrictions for Google Accounts with a large number of campaigns or MCC accounts with access to a large number of accounts. Campaigns or accounts can take several minutes to load, and will not be displayed at all in the extreme case. We are currently working on a solution. Thank you for understanding. 

We believe this innovation will save you work.

Roman Stejskal, Stanislav Plecitý and David Velechovský on behalf of the entire Sklik team