New in Sklik: Set up search campaign extensions in one place

In Sklik, you can now set up ad extensions at the account level. These extensions are applied across all campaigns where the extensions are not set up individually. Which extensions are affected, and which ones will Sklik set for you?

You can now create the following extensions in the account-level ad extension library, which you can find in your Sklik account in the Settings tab:

  • Labels
  • Sitelinks
  • Phone number (Click2Call)
  • Address

Why did we implement account-level ad extensions?

The new feature will make it easier to set up search campaigns while minimizing the risk of errors. And if you don’t want to be concerned with extensions, the system will simply set them up for you.

Sklik helps you set up the extensions

If you don’t have account-level extensions set up in your library by June 12, 2024, Sklik will set them up for you. They will be created according to the rules:

  • Labels – the four most used labels from the campaign level
  • Sitelinks – the six most used sitelinks from the campaign level
  • Phone number – the most used phone number from your campaign settings.
  • Address – the address of the most frequently used branch

I’m glad that the ability to add extensions at the account level makes it faster for specialists to set up campaigns. Additionally, we are planning to expand the options for setting up at this level in the future so you can focus more on account performance and strategy instead of clicking through individual campaigns.

If you would like to use extensions other than those listed above, you can set them up as you wish until said date. After 12 June, you can of course customize them to any other extension, or choose not to apply the selected extension to your campaigns (only for address and phone number).

Sklik Team