Expand your reach effectively with a new campaign type

Now you can extend the reach of your ad messages into better-priced auctions with a Simple Display Campaign. Where does it appear and how do I set it up?

Simple Display Campaign is a new campaign type available to you when you add a new campaign in the Sklik interface. To display it, all you need to do is enter at least one ad and set a maximum cost per click. You don’t specify the targeting, the system will do it for you.

It is displayed mainly to users who have not given consent to targeted advertising, have blocked cookies, or who for other reasons do not appear in the behaviorally targeted advertising – interests, intents, retargeting.

Benefits of Simple Display Campaigns

  • Extended reach for existing display campaigns. With behaviorally targeted advertising, but also with contextual targeting, you only reach a portion of the ad space.
  • It is cheaper than other display campaigns because it shows up in auctions with fewer candidates.
  • It’s simple ☺ no need to set up any type of targeting, it’s published automatically and is therefore suitable for advertisers who don’t want to worry about whether to target interests or topics, what domains to enter in their placement, etc.

In the new campaign type you can’t exclude specific audience or targeting or limit the frequency of ad impressions to the user or video ads. Campaigns also can’t be created by import or through API. However, they can be updated using these methods.

What are the results of Simple Display Campaigns?

From the internal data of Seznam.cz, it can be seen that the average cost per click for Simple Display Campaigns is 50 to 75% lower compared to other acquisition campaigns. Increase in reach is 13% above target traffic. Of course, cost per click and reach can vary over time.

What do our clients have to say about it?

We chose our client Datart.cz to test the Simple Display Campaign. We didn’t expect much benefit from the campaign, which has very limited options within the settings, or from the sales period when the test was run. Given the target group this type of campaign is supposed to gain impressions with – users who have not given consent to targeted advertising or have blocked cookies – we focused our evaluation primarily on new customers we wanted to reach with this campaign.

And reach them we did, thanks to a campaign that can be set up in minutes we received 78 last-click orders over 10 days of running, 72% of which were customers who had not placed an order with our client via the e-shop in the last 12 months.

This Simple Display Campaign is still part of our client’s Sklik account. In the future, we would like to run not only hardsell communications/creative for this type of campaign, but also appeal to this target audience with more branded campaigns.

Lukáš Ptáček, PPC & display advertising, ROI Story

After a month-long evaluation of the Simple Display Campaign at our client Robzone.cz in comparison with content campaigns in other channels, we can already say that these are very positive numbers and results generated by the campaign. I would highlight the very easy setup, it’s literally a few clicks away, and the delivery of good results almost immediately after launch, which we normally achieve only after laborious optimization, even taking several months. Looking at the actual numbers, we can say that the campaign is bringing in quality traffic. For the price, we’re getting a large number of new users with above average session duration and a low bounce rate. Even though this is an acquisition campaign, I also have to mention the results delivered in the form of last-click conversions. This is a low CPC campaign with a high clickthrough rate compared to other content acquisition campaigns.

Considering the results this campaign delivered, we will definitely be applying the deployment of this type of campaign to our other client accounts in the future.

Jan Koci, Online Campaign Specialist, ROI digital

The Simple Display Campaign is a source of affordable traffic with significant reach, and we’ll be happy to continue using it.

Jan Slezák, Head of Performance, Zásilkovna.cz

When evaluating, we need to take into account that in keeping with the principle of the advertising space where the Simple Display Campaign is displayed, conversions and the values derived from them are underestimated, and in reality their quantity is significantly higher.

On behalf of the entire Sklik team David Velechovský, Roman Stejskal, and Jan Brendl