What’s new in retargeting and measurement conversion from January 2022?

You probably already know that, due to an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, now you need to obtain user consent before running tracking codes. Let’s take a look at exactly what’s changing and – more importantly – how we can work together to accommodate the changes to comply with the law while minimizing the impact on conversion tracking or retargeting.

What is the reason for the changes? An amendment has been adopted to Section 89(3) of the Electronic Communications Act, which addresses the issue of storing cookies or other files on a user’s device in the Czech Republic. Specifically, this is Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications.

What has changed? Section 89(3) of the Electronic Communications Act was previously drafted on an opt-out basis, however, the amendment now changes this principle to an opt-in basis, where the user must agree to the storage of a file or other data on their device before this can happen. This requirement does not apply to so-called technical cookies. These are described as necessary for the functioning of the service – for example, storing information about goods in the shopping cart.

Adjustment to code and how to make your tracking as precise as possible

Conversion and retargeting codes now support the consent parameter, which is used by the advertiser to inform Seznam of whether the user has consented to targeted advertising or conversion tracking. If consent exists (value 1) or the parameter is not attached, Seznam.cz processes the data as it does until now. If there is no consent (value 0), the system processes the data to refine the conversion tracking using modelling, but in accordance with the law (it does not store or read information from the user’s device).

The code specification is available in the Sklik Help section and Zboží.cz Github, and the parameter is also supported in the unified tracking code. You can also find an example of Sklik retargeting code with the new parameter in the Help section.

Note: The consent parameter also supports the original form of the conversion and retargeting code, which remains functional. It is not necessary to use JavaScript code calls.

By using the consent parameter, you will ensure that you continue to get the most accurate conversion measurement possible on Sklik and Zboží.cz.

How to set up tracking for accurate performance evaluation?

Do you use an e-commerce platform, e.g. Shoptet or Eshop-rychle.cz?

For information on which platforms have committed to supporting the parameters for Sklik and Zboží.cz by 1 January 2022, check out the list Zboží.cz Help section. The list is continuously updated. If your provider is not among the supported solutions, feel free to contact them.

Are you the operator of an e-commerce platform that has accommodated the changes on behalf of your clients? Contact zbozi@firma.seznam.cz and Seznam.cz will update the profile information for you.

Are you using Google Tag Manager?

The selected cookie bar must be able to pass information about the user’s consent status to Google Tag Manager. Depending on the type of consent, you set the value of the consent parameter in the conversion and retargeting code.

You can also use GTM templates from MarketingMakers.net or Pavel Šabatka that already support the new consent parameter for Sklik and Zboží.cz.

Other cases

If you don’t use Google Tag Manager, consider using it. Alternatively, you may need to ensure that you insert the code correctly yourself. Contact your website operator.

Follow our blog to find out which consent collection solutions you can use on your website soon.

Sklik and Zboží.cz teams