Use case combining Sklik and direct buy

Do you buy ad space at directly (display advertising in guaranteed sell)? Have you ever thought of combining this sales channel with Sklik? In any case, we certainly have. And this is exactly the strategy we chose for our client We supported Seznam Native with Sklik campaigns – and in the next few paragraphs we will show you the mechanics of this partnership. – furniture that makes any room come alive offers classic and modern furniture with guaranteed longevity. The furniture is made of quality and safe materials. Give your home a facelift and enjoy the comfort of stylishly furnished living.

Seznam Native

Content created by Seznam in cooperation with the client. Seznam Native helps the client tell stories and inform readers about interesting topics. In cooperation with, we created an article: 7 tips for making a one-bedroom flat airy yet cosy with furnishings.

Campaign strategy and planning

Our goal was to reach the users who saw Seznam Native but did not click through on to the client’s website. This is a good way for improving the return on the initial investment.

Especially for Seznam Native, we commissioned a set of advertising banners and branding in the same visual identity with our in-house graphic design department.

Did you know that we have a team of professional graphic designers at Seznam who can create advertising graphics for you? If you are interested, contact your sales representative.

Using UTM parameters, we collected users in Sklik who read the article 7 tips making a one-bedroom flat airy yet cosy with furnishings and at the same time did not click on the client’s website (each link in the article had its own specific tag).

If you buy campaigns directly from Seznam (display advertising in guaranteed sale – for more information, contact your sales representative), it is possible to collect users who click on your ad into Sklik using UTM parameters. You simply set the RTG list condition to this UTM parameter.

We’ve set up retargeting campaigns for these users.

We divided the campaigns according to formats (banners, branding) and target groups and spaced them into individual days, so that we know how people react to advertising.

Dynamic retargeting, retargeting, product advertising and search run in Sklik all year round. These campaigns complemented our strategy.

How did the collaboration deliver?

Overall, in Sklik we saw a rise in the number of accesses and orders, while COS progressively reduced.

  • In the period from 22 October to 31 November 2020, our Sklik campaigns reached 98,435 unique users.
  • COS down by 5% in Sklik.
  • Revenues for the reporting period in Google Analytics (Seznam / CPC sources) were 129% higher than in 2019.
  • Sklik campaigns brought 25% more users to the client’s website.
  • The brand search campaign in Sklik brought 3% more users to the client’s website. It should be mentioned here that the client has been supporting their brand for a long time.
  • The average CTR for a retargeting campaign with a graphic branding format was 0.81%.

…and the take-away?

Don’t forget to support your direct sales campaigns (display advertising in guaranteed sales) in Sklik as well. By working with these channels, you can further increase their reach. Setting up audience collection is very simple. You enter the tagged URL as a list definition for Retargeting and you’re done! All that remains to do is to choose a good strategy and plan your campaigns.

Klára Vítková for the Sklik team