Sklik Challenge: performance display ads for Black Friday

13. October 2021 is a major online retailer of sports equipment in the Czech Republic. Last year was the first time we tried to promote Black Friday on a larger scale through acquisition campaigns and retargeting. We had clear turnover targets for this event. In order to react quickly and effectively, we had a report set up where results could be checked in real time. We chose Sklik as our content network partner, based on our previous good experience in this sector. The campaigns were part of a wider marketing push; we also promoted the event on Facebook and DV360. 

At Proficio we often use performance display campaigns. We have best practices that help us, especially when starting a campaign. We have designed an optimal structure taking into account the size of the budget and experience with different formats and targeting, and divided our campaigns into acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

Acquisition campaigns:

  • We excluded all the audiences we target in retargeting
  • We split the campaigns by ad format. In our case, these were banners, combined advertising and branding, as the performance of each format can vary significantly
  • Similarly, we divided the targeting categories by location and interests. In the location category, we targeted selected sport sites, topics, news sites and relevant keywords. Behavioural targeting included carefully selected interests ranging from more the general, such as an interest in sports, to our client’s specific performance categories (e.g., interest in buying a scooter). Each targeting had its own separate report
  • We chose the frequency of impressions based on the ad formats (branding the lowest, combined ads highest). The higher the visibility of the format, the lower the frequency, so as not to discourage potential customers


  • Divided by ad formats
  • Divided by time period
  • We haven’t forgotten the abandoned basket
  • Individual visited categories of the site
  • We also tested longer audiences “shopped 360 days” and “all visitors 540 days”
  • Of course, we didn’t forget to properly exclude them from acquisition campaigns 
DIS/Black Friday/BR/Placement1.47%0.85%15.74%
DIS/Black Friday/BR/ Interests0.61%0.06%569.36%
DIS/Black Friday/Branding/ Placement0.53%0.34%210.48%
DIS/Black Friday/Branding/ Interests0.57%0.85%167.32%
DIS/Black Friday/Resp/Interests0.52%0.22%49.71%
DIS/Black Friday/Resp/ Placement0.88%0.31%27.12%
REM/Black Friday/BR0.25%1.99%20.88%
REM/Black Friday/Resp0.30%0.95%30.80%
  • As expected, retargeting campaigns had the highest conversion rate. Banner campaigns achieved a CVR of almost 2%. On the other hand, banner campaigns with behavioural targeting had the lowest CVR
  • The acquisition banner campaign with location targeting had the highest ROI and produced even better results than retargeting. On the other hand, the interest-targeted campaign with banners and branding had the lowest ROI
  • The branding campaign, however, drove the highest quality traffic to the site, according to Google Analytics, which was also one of the main goals of the entire campaign. We also focused on retargeting these visitors afterwards
  • In general, targeting interests brought us higher quality traffic than targeting only the location. However, the banner campaigns differed only slightly in this respect
  • Location-based targeting produced by far the highest conversion rates
  • In retargeting, targeting the longer “all visitors 360” audiences worked best for us, followed by targeting visitors in the main categories

The campaigns delivered on their endpoints and the client was satisfied with the results.

Lucie Mifková,