Tap into the potential of Outstream

In this case study, produced in collaboration with our client Mountfield, you will learn how the client used the Outstream video format within Sklik to promote one of their products – electric bikes. The aim of this video campaign was to communicate the idea that Mountfield is not only a well-known retailer of gardening equipment, but that Mountfield has also been selling e-bikes since 2018. You can see how the client achieved this – the case study includes specific results and client strategies.

Mountfield decided to promote a seasonal product – electric bikes – with the help of our Outstream video format. In their video campaign, the client used location targeting (the most popular Seznam websites such as the homepage of Seznam.cz, Novinky.cz, Sport.cz, etc.), targeting of purchase interests (e-bikes) and retargeting to all users who visited the client’s site.

Results of our client Mountfield’s video campaign

“With the growing popularity of video advertising, this year we decided to promote the e-bike segment using outstream video. We wanted to let new customers know that Mountfield is not only a retailer of garden equipment and swimming pools, but is also in the business of selling electric bikes since 2018.

Video advertising in the form of outstream seemed ideal to us, as we were able to reach many new customers in a relatively short time. Overall, outstream advertising exceeded our expectations, which is why we have made it an integral part of our online campaigns.” Ondřej Hykel, PPC specialist.