Get new customers for your e-shop with DRTG of Seznam visitors

Advertisers using dynamic retargeting have the opportunity to extend the reach of their campaigns to other relevant customers interested in exactly which products they currently offer. Because it works on Seznam data, audiences will be available even after the end of third-party cookies, which is near. How does the new targeting work and how can you set it up for maximum performance?

The new targeting of visitors to Seznam sites opens up fresh possibilities and potential for your acquisition campaigns. When we mention Seznam data, we’re talking about so-called 1st party data, which has several advantages:

  • The customer doesn’t have to visit your site for you to reach them.
  • We use the most relevant product data thanks to the Zboží.cz database.
  • It will work even after the end of third-party cookies on major browsers.
  • The data is fully GDPR compliant.

Setup is easy

All e-shops have added a new list of DRTG visitors to their account, alongside the existing list of DRTG visitors to products on Seznam. You simply assign this to the report you want it to run in, set a max cost per click and exclude existing site visitors so that the DRTG of Seznam visitors doesn’t cannibalise your existing RTG campaigns.

For more information on how to set this up and use it in your campaigns, see our Help.

What do our advertisers say about the DRTG of Seznam visitors? is currently testing dynamic retargeting with the targeting of visitors to services. Even though the campaign is still running, it can already be evaluated, on the basis of the high CTR (which has increased more than three times compared to classic retargeting), as being a relevant targeting with the potential to bring quality traffic. We assume the quality of the traffic received from the campaign due to the volume of turnover it brings, according to our attribution models, with an increasing curve throughout the campaign. In addition, the campaign delivers better results with a 30% lower cost per click compared to traditional retargeting, which is due to the specialists at Seznam for their recommendations on setup and optimization. This type of targeting will definitely become an integral part of our communication.

Jan Synek, Display Specialist,

If you’re an e-commerce store, don’t hesitate to add a report with the DRTG of Seznam visitors to your campaigns as soon as possible in order to maximize the highly relevant reach of your campaigns on Sklik’s display network.

On behalf of the entire Sklik team, Jakub Novotný and Lukáš Thér