What you always wanted to know about native advertising

Veronika Geltner 9. May 2022

What is native advertising? That’s the advertising you want. Publishers and websites in general need advertising because it feeds them. The advertiser in turn needs advertising formats where they can present their brand and products. And users want a nice site where they’ll find interesting information. Native advertising connects these three perspectives.

Grab your audience’s attention

There are many reasons to use native advertising, such as to drive awareness about certain content and messaging, connect your brand to a topic that is relevant to it, increase website traffic, and generate leads and sales. Native ads can also be targeted to specific audience segments, so advertisers know they’re reaching the consumers who are most likely to respond and engage with their campaigns.

Build trust among your customers through an interesting story

People read what interests them, and the job of any good marketer should be to make advertising that readers find interesting. At Seznam, we are trying to meet this challenge. The creative team at the Seznam Brand Studio prepares interesting content, complemented by attractive visuals. Thanks to our clients, we can be storytellers and focus on topics that our readers enjoy.

This year, the Seznam Brand Studio impressed the international jury of the Native Advertising Awards with its campaigns to such an extent that they awarded it the best ever major native advertising studio in the world among the foreign competitors comprising large media houses.

“I am glad that even in global competition, we belong to the absolute top in the effectiveness of native advertising. The paradox is that almost all of our campaigns are “low-budget” compared to the rest of the world. In addition to lower production costs, our clients also benefit from the huge distribution power of Seznam. Clients do not have to buy additional reach” 

The Seznam Brand Studio offers clients a whole variety of products and services such as Seznam Native, product placement, podcasts, tv shows, product testing, contextual advertising and much more. It prepares campaigns for clients across the broad advertising network of the technology of Seznam.cz.

In 2021, the Seznam Brand Studio published 276 customized client projects. Seznam Native projects alone generated over 16 million reads, nearly 700,000 direct clicks to client sites, and the average time spent on content by a user was four and a half minutes. People spent 103,370 hours on the series created. The studio has grown to 24 people and is still recruiting new members from the ranks of journalists, creators and marketers.