Seasonal tips: Summer holidays by the sea in 2022

After several pandemic seasons that weren’t conducive to travel abroad, this year things look very promising! According to the travel agencies we’ve talked to, there’s a high degree of interest among Czechs in a holiday by the sea – despite rising inflation and the need to make savings in other areas. Let’s take a closer look.

When are users planning to take a holiday and when is the right time to use this in your campaign? People start to plan their holidays at the beginning of May, when we can see a gradual rise in interest in the subject. Interest then starts increasing in June. A peak in searches can then be seen in the second half of July, and then in the second half of August, when people have their last chance to grab a bargain.

Where should direct sales be targeted?

For those looking for a summer holiday by the sea, we recommend choosing the areas of interest listed. You can focus on families who are actively interested in holidays, and also on engaged couples who are planning for their honeymoon.

  • Travel – Tourism / holiday / travel agencies (750,000 UV / week)
  • Travel – Europe / nearby seas (280,000 UV / week)
  • Travel – Exotic destinations (260,000 UV / week)
  • Family – Families (620,000 UV / week)
  • Auto moto – Family cars (650,000 UV / week)
  • Family – Weddings (110,000 UV / week)

The sizes of the target groups are listed for the HP Wallpaper format. As some of them may overlap, they cannot simply be added up. We will be happy to provide you with data for a specific mix of BHV groups and a specific format. For more information, write to us at

Use the Thematic Banners format as part of your communication

All editorial teams (Prož, and will deal with the topic of summer holidays. They will provide various tips for holidays and excursions in both the Czech Republic and abroad. They’ll provide advice on what to pack, as well as articles on renting caravans and motorhomes.

For more information, contact us at

How’s the travel industry doing generally?

For an overview of the segment we follow for summer holidays, you can look at the Travel Services industry benchmark. It’s available for download here. Meanwhile, here’s an interesting overview of spending by major players throughout the whole of the pandemic – from 2019 until March this year.