Meet the new mobile formats on the homepage

The long-awaited new feature on the home page is finally here. And what are its benefits to you? Reach out to your customers on the most-visited website on the Czech Internet – wherever they are. You can use formats such as Mobile Interscroller or Mobile Vertical Outstream, which are now also available on the homepage.

This is the biggest mobile format that responds to page scrolling on a mobile. The commercial message itself is located in the page background and is gradually uncovered by the site visitor scrolling. Thanks to its design it attracts attention more than a classic banner while being simple to produce. In addition to the static creativity offered by the Mobile Interscroller format, you can also attract people’s attention through video in Mobile Vertical Outstream.

  • Estimated number of impressions 1.1–1.3 million (not guaranteed)

Catch people’s attention on the most-visited website on the Czech Internet

In the last two years the number of click-throughs from the homepage has risen by 54%. The high-quality content in feed articles encourages people to scroll between topics that they’re interested in. These are then personalized according to the user’s interests and behaviour, ensuring their relevancy. More than 1,500 articles appear in the feed every day. Up to 4.5 million people visit the article feed at least once per month; that’s more than half of the adult population of the Czech Republic.

Being visible on mobile formats is key for every business or message. 80% of people browse the Internet from mobile devices. More than 60% of people visit the homepage from a mobile device. (Source: NetMonitor)

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