Debunking video advertising myths: Does e-commerce need video advertising?

Veronika Geltner 12. July 2021

The e-commerce segment is booming. Turnover grew by 26% year on year and now accounts for 16% of retail sales. There are over 40,000 e-commerce sites on the Czech market alone, so it’s not easy to gain the favour of potential customers who will go on to develop trust in you. Consequently, it is important to always be working on building your brand. Why should e-retailers use video advertising and how should they make it work for them?

Build your brand for better performance

Even in the e-commerce world, there is no exception to the importance of constantly working on your brand awareness. The competition between e-commerce stores has never been greater than it is right now, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd and let your target audience know all about you, preferably before they even proceed to the actual purchase of the goods.

“When customers are deciding which e-shop to buy from, they will choose the one they know. One they’ve seen before. That’s why it’s important that e-shops don’t neglect branding campaigns,” says Tomáš Búřil in a podcast about brand campaigns

It’s important to work consistently with your brand attributes in a brand campaign – whether it’s music, colour, voice, mascot or even a slogan. For example, relies on a clear presentation of its product and Rohlí on emotion and storytelling. For brand video campaigns, you should primarily track and evaluate the reach, frequency, brand awareness or increase in brand searches.

Present your product

But video advertising doesn’t have to work for just the brand itself. There are formats in which you can also present your product and call for clear action. A bumper, which is also a cost-effective option, allows you to show the product and its price in the space of 6 seconds as, for example, Bonami or Zoot do. Datart also sees video as a powerful branding format that helps them build their brand and showcase the benefits of their services. With campaigns set up in this way, you can track and evaluate classic performance metrics such as conversions or CoS.

For clients who have not already produced a video ad, we can create one through our graphic design department. We have produced video ads for many brands. Our satisfied clients include Biano, Silvego, EU-nabytek or Svět svítidel. You can find examples of video spots created by our in-house Seznam team here.