Debunking video advertising myths: Is it possible to video advertise on a small budget?

Veronika Geltner 3. September 2021

Do you think effective video advertising costs hundreds of thousands? The opposite is true. Both the production and distribution can be surprisingly inexpensive. We’ll tell you how.

Production does not have to be expensive

Probably the biggest worry regarding video advertising is the cost of production. Of course, the amounts can reach the high thousands, especially if you want to shoot an edge commercial with professional actors in complicated exteriors. You will also have to pay extra for the rights to well-known songs or ingenious post-production effects. Of course, you don’t have to compare directly to Christopher Nolan. You can also shoot a video ad that captures and fulfills your purpose, i.e. introduces your product, service, company or tells your story on your own and with your own, or borrowed, equipment. But take into consideration the fact that you will also have to study at least the basics of video editing and technology settings (camera, microphone).

Animated videos are also less expensive. Videos featuring your employees or clients, or videos that are a combination of images and text. Experienced graphic artists produce videos designed for this, but at a cost of tens of thousands.

If you’re thinking about a video ad but don’t know about the graphics to help you make it, contact us at Seznam. Our graphic designers have created dozens of successful videos. You can take a look here.

When making a video ad, keep these other things in mind:

  • Create videos with two pieces of footage – one ideally up to 30s and the other max up to 6s (the so-called bumper).
  • Make sure that either your product, logo, or another attribute of your brand appears in the video.
  • Communicate consistently across all channels. Are you proud of your informal culture and friendly communication with customers? Then turn this into a video ad too!

Start with specific targeting

Once you have a video ad, it’s time to start showing it to your potential and existing customers. But how do you run an effective campaign when you don’t have hundreds of thousands of crowns for it? Set a maximum cost-per-thousand impressions (CPT). Of course, the higher your CPT, the better your chances of showing your ad. In general, we recommend that Sklik start bidding at CZK 100 for Videospot, CZK 80 for Bumper and CZK 60 for Outstream.

Another way of optimizing the cost of your video ad is to choose the right targeting. Narrow the group of people who can see your video ad based on gender, age, region, as well as by interest or whether someone has visited your site. For lower budgets, we recommend more specific targeting – retargeting, buying interests, or standard interests. Thanks to the narrowing of the target group, you can effectively address this even with a lower budget. You can always change or supplement your targeting with incremental optimization.

Depending on the size of the target group, invest in the region of tens of thousands per month. We recommend the Bumper and Outstream formats for retargeting and targeting buying interests. Videospot and Outstream are more suitable for targeting more general interests. Frequency settings are also a useful tool – this is the maximum number of times your video ad can be played to a single user. We recommend setting a maximum frequency of 3 per day so that you appear often enough and to the largest possible group of people on a set budget. Keep your campaign set up like this for at least a few months for maximum effect.