Improve your brand awareness through brand campaigns

Veronika Geltner 12. August 2021

Want to increase your brand awareness? Try brand campaigns! These are the ideal way to tell your story to potential and existing customers and differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Brand campaigns differ from performance campaigns in that they require consistent and long-term work across different advertising channels, a suitable creative concept and detailed evaluation. But don’t let the “higher maintenance” discourage you. It really is worth it. Brand campaigns are not defined by the channel, but by the type of message. However, some channels are more suitable for promoting your brand, others less so. Those that have high visibility and time spent with medium or high attention spans are just right.

Video advertising is the format that can most effectively introduce your company or product, tell your story and evoke emotions at the same time. Its popularity continues to grow. In 2020, according to the Internet Commerce Association, video advertising accounted for 29% of all display advertising and grew by 11% year on year. Seznam has seen the growth spurt in popularity, too, and spend in video advertising has grown by as much as 27% year on year. According to Netmonitor data, has the largest video inventory of Czech publishers with a market share of 75%.

“Video advertising has an advantage in that it can evoke emotions in the viewer better than, for example, banner advertising. This is because it appeals to multiple senses – both the visual sense and the auditory. Video can inspire, educate and entertain, which is much harder to do with a banner,” says Petr Daneš, our video advertising manager.

Other channels through which you can build your brand include conventional TV advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, content collaborations and banner formats such as Branding or Exclusive Premium.

Want to learn even more? Check out the episode of Seznam Behind the Scenes where we will show you how to master the craft of brand campaigns. But don´t forget the subtitles.

And a little tip at the end. Build your brand – whether you are a small, medium or large business. A lot of business is moving online, so it may sound tempting to invest more in performance formats, but these are more likely to have a short-term effect. That’s why we recommend combining these types of campaigns for the best results.