Case study: RTB as a storytelling tool

Veronika Geltner 5. November 2021

This campaign for our client, Palírna U Zeleného stromu, became an example of how to combine direct buy and Seznam Native with RTB to meet the client’s goals. During the campaign we used RTB, which can play a key role in follow-up communication (storytelling) and in working with the frequency of the reach, to capture the audience only previously reached by traditional direct buy and Seznam Native.

The campaign was for Heffron rum. “We created a top quality product that is linked to the legacy of the Czechoslovak Legionnaires. Emotionally connecting our customer to this powerful story was one of the main objectives of the campaign. To successfully tell the story in the online environment, we chose a combination of content collaboration and display advertising and we partnered with Seznam for that,” explains Lucie Libra from Palírna U Zeleného stromu.

Her colleague Michal Kučera follows up with a summary of the campaign objectives: “The campaign ran for several months and one of its goals, in addition to effectively communicating the message to the target audience, was to motivate consumers at the end of the customer journey into buying a limited collector’s edition bottle to commemorate the centenary of the return of the last legionnaires, on the ship Heffron, to their homeland. The collection of twelve bottles featuring selected legionnaires was available exclusively on”

The entire series of follow-up messages were “told” by 1,333,693 unique users. In the final phase of the communication, the audience was led to the limited edition page of the promoted product in the e-shop.

You can read more about how the campaign was implemented and the results we were able to deliver in the case study.