Seasonal tips: Plan your campaigns early with fall themes. Don´t forget about the mushroom pickers and cabin dwellers

September isn’t just the start of a new school year, it’s also the start of fall. So don’t forget to focus your campaigns around seasonal themes. But which?

Fall is the season of choice among fishermen and mushroom pickers; gardeners are harvesting their crops and starting to get their gardens ready for winter. With the onset of colder weather, we become more focused on our health and boosting our immunity, buying fall and winter clothing, but also dealing with the first colds and flu. An Indian summer can be appealing for weekend trips or multi-day stays, either at home or abroad. And at the end of fall it’s important not to forget to change your tires. Fall tips are here for you!

User behavior

We’re already seeing increased interest in fall topics at the end of August. However, most searches occur at the end of October and beginning of November.

Recommended targeting for direct sales

To reach users who are interested in fall topics, we recommend choosing from the interest areas and combinations of interest areas listed below.

  • Living – Home/garden (1.3 mil. UV/week)
  • Travel – Adventure/outdoor (195k UV/week)
  • Travel – Tourism/vacation/travel agencies (1.3 mil. UV/week)
  • Real estate – Vacation Rentals (75k UV/week)
  • Hobby – Hunting/fishing (510k UV/week)
  • Beauty and style – Fashion (500k UV/week)
  • Industry – Agriculture (150k UV/week)
  • Food and drink – Healthy eating (840k UV/week)
  • Automotive – Car sales and service (325k UV/week)
  • Family – Families with children (520k UV/week)

The sizes of the given target groups are stated for HP Wallpaper. As they may overlap, they cannot simply be added together. We will be happy to supply data for a specific mix of behavorial groups and for a specific format. We can also help you with the appropriate targeting mix.


The wide variety of fall themes directly encourages the use of video formats. Check out Seznam’s seasonal offering of custom topics for shows.

Fall trips: A series with tips for trips that can target just a specific region, for example. Suitable for clients with sports and outdoor clothing or equipment, or for individual regions.

Mushroom picking: Tips on delicious and unusual mushroom dishes, how to forage for mushrooms, what to bring to the woods, tips and tricks for mushroom pickers, unknown species of edible mushrooms. Suitable for insurance companies, tick-borne encephalitis vaccination clients, or food chains (recipes).

Supplement advertorials with thematic videos

Health and immunity: The topic on everyone’s mind in the fall. How to prevent illness, how to respond if we get sick, what natural solutions or home remedies are available.

Nature and winter sleep: How do nature and animals prepare for winter and how has this topic evolved over the years? Is it a problem that winter isn’t as cold as it used to be? Is this climate change hurting nature and how? The topic can be handled in the spirit of ecology and care for the environment.

Sleep: Sleep is without doubt a year-round topic, but in fall and winter sufficient rest is very important because we are more tired and more energy is needed.