Audio is a powerful format worth investing in

Veronika Geltner 15. March 2023

Digital audio listening has been growing phenomenally in recent years, in terms of both extent and listening duration. The world of audio has traditionally been an opportunity for advertisers to reach their audiences. The benefits are plenty, so let’s have a look at them.

Audiovisual advertising offers advertisers an effective way of reaching customers during any activity, whether jogging or on their way to work. During such activities, listeners can better focus on content, thereby increasing their level of attention. And few people actively skip around stations when the ads come one. One survey found that audiovisual advertising has up to 24% higher Ad Recall than display advertising, so customer interest in making purchases increases by up to twofold.

What is Seznam Audio?

Seznam Audio is an advertising format that is not limited to radios or podcasts; you can also encounter audio in articles for reading on Seznam News. Key advantages of online audiovisual advertising mainly involve the brand impact of advertising, but also the ability to link to audiovisual advertising through retargeting in the advertising networks Sklik or RTB.

Audio in various forms has experienced a great renaissance in recent years, and this is why audiovisual advertising is also successful here at Seznam. Playback of audio content on Seznam Zprávy just grew by 152% year-on-year.

Advantages of audiovisual advertising on Seznam

  • The moment you reach your audience is when they are not being bombarded by advertising. They will remember you better.
  • You can follow up on audio advertising and further target your customers using online banners in Sklik or Adform.
  • Reach up to 500,000 unique listeners on Seznam per month*.
  • 50% of listeners on Seznam listen to ads until the end*.

Connect your brand with quality Czech audio production

Seznam Audio give you a unique opportunity to reach your listeners both offline and online. The wide audiovisual space includes both podcasts from the editorial production of Seznam News,, Prož and radio commercials on Expres FM and Classic Praha, as well as floating positions in all podcasts offered on the new platform. This includes more than 60 Czech creators whose aggregate publishing efforts have reached 688 podcasts. The best-known ones include 5:59, České podsvětí or Vlevo dole.

Find out what advantages the Seznam Cross Audio advertising package offers and book your audio space at:

*internal measurement 2022, averaged